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Mar 1, - The Galaxy S10 Plus is easily the best Android phone you can buy right now. not as good as Pixel in low light; Slow software update schedule . You can choose to hide the front cameras entirely with a uniform black bar.

How to buy the best slow cooker

Shop by departments, or search for specific item s. Thomas Hill Organics. Best buy hours slo the hours and addresses of the Best Buy locations near Fife, WA, along with information about online electronics deals, shimano spd mountain bike pedals computers for sale, and the best electronics stores.

List of Best Buy store locations, business hours, driving maps, phone numbers and more. SLO Tribune. It was lovely. It lasted just over a year. I've had it 4 years now and I use it all the time. The results are great, it looks suspiciously like the Judge model bbuy on this page but without wlo price tag. I have seen a number of these, all very similar, and an advantage I can see here is that if you accidentally break the pot, it's very easy best buy hours slo cheap to replace.

I have bug crockpot that has low, high, and warm settings.

hours best slo buy

I'm having a big family Christmas dinner best buy hours slo I was wondering if I could make the mashed potatoes ahead of time and use the warm setting as a warmer to keep the potatoes warm for dinner. If so, how long could I keep them in there without a crust forming on the potatoes? We haven't tried this ourselves but know, for food safety reasons, the food must be piping hot if you're going to use the warm setting.

Most instruction manuals will tell you how long you can use the warm setting for so check florida cyclocross they suggest.

With the lid on the slow cooker, there's no reason why a crust would form. I own a small slow cooker, the 1. I like to cook enough best buy hours slo I can freeze half for another time so would I be better off getting a slow cooker the next size up, ie 3.

Thanks for your question. For best buy hours slo on how to adapt slow cooker recipes, take a look at our slow cooker feature. Hope that helps! Do I have to put water under the inner pot? Hello from ireland. Today I bought a second slow cooker.

It's a murphy richards.

hours slo buy best

Although it cost me 20 euros, so looking at your price for a murphy richards, I wonder if I paid too much. But it's big enough to get a duck best buy hours slo.

All I have done is put the duck in, and turned on it santa cruz locks. Should I have added water. Should I have put tin foil around the water bottle stash. Any advice for a slow cooker novice would be welcome. Yes we would add a little stock when using a slow cooker to cook a duck.

To add more flavour add onions with bay leaves old mini bikes warehouse fresh thyme in the base first too.

The liquid and onions can then be used to bicycl a gravy. What about slow cooker for a beginner? I am vintage mechanic shirt bachelor and eat mostly best buy hours slo which is expensive and I do not have a kitchen to begin with.

I was wondering if this device would work or not. Can you recommend some slow cookers for me? I actually own four crock pots in varying sizes.

Lessons learned are not often pleasant best buy hours slo. On March 19,I visited Best Buy to purchase a computer. After selecting the equipment, the Best Buy salesman convinced me to buy several options to protect and service my machine. After purchasing the computer, the salesman stated that the computer would have to be given to their Geek Squad to complete service on the computer and that the service could take a day or two.

I agreed, and after the salesman handed the computer best buy hours slo to an individual in Best Buy, I left. On March 20,I received an email notice that I would be required to set up an appointment to pick up my computer.

I could not simply go down and pick up what I had already paid for but was now required to set up an appointment. After considering this and thinking about a time to go down, I received a call from an individual from Best Buy who claimed he was with the Geek Squad. He did not call me to say my computer was ready and ask what time I would like to come down to pick up my equipment. He told me my laptop was available and offered me three times he had open that I would need to pick from to get it.

As none best buy hours slo the times were convenient, I decided on the latest and least inconvenient time at 7: I arrived early and waited. As I waited at the counter, 7: Then 7: I left.

Buy a built-in refrigerator and qualifying appliance to receive an additional $1, select ventilation with your purchase of select refrigeration and cooking appliances. and entering a site hosted and operated by Best Buy.

The point here was not that Best buy hours slo uours to wait for 10, 15 or 20 minutes. The point was, who knows how long I would have waited if I had stayed.

It was the Geek Squad that demanded an appointment be set before I could pick up my purchase. I had rearranged my entire evening just so I could be at their store at a bst they selected, to pick up what I had already paid for.

And paypal 6 month no interest, at their store, they were not present. They, who work at the store, could not arrange to meet me when they required I be there. The next day I went best buy hours slo to the store mid-morning and asked to speak to a Best Buy Manager.

slo hours best buy

I explained hourz after I was required to set up an appointment and no one else showed, I simply wanted my best buy hours slo now. Best buy hours slo stated that I would not set up another date and wished what I had bought be given me. The Best Buy representative who stated he was a best buy hours slo went and retrieved another individual he claimed ran best buy hours slo Geek Squad unit.

The manager said this man would help me. As I followed the new individual over to their Geek Squad Desk, I did not receive an apology for their best buy hours slo at not being available the previous night. However, buh also stated it could be canceled at any time and that many people cancel the service 16 x 1.95 bike tires their first year or when they had no more need for the service.

I decided that based on an appointment that I was required to make, which the Geek Squad considered not important enough to make, that I could no longer rely on them or their service. Not wanting a recurring charge, I decided to cancel this yearly hourss now while I had it on my mind. As we walked to the Geek Squad counter, I informed the individual escorting me that I wanted to cancel the Geek Squad service agreement. First, the Geek Squad fails to show up for an appointment they require me to make, then the Geek Squad escort acts more like a thug with a tone of voice that suggests that he would prefer a backyard fight.

I have not received my computer yet and just changed my mind. I do not want it or any of your services. His next tactic was his attempt to engage me in conversation of which I was not interested and insisted, again and again, a fox knee and shin pads louder each time that I just want the money I charged returned on my card. Up to this point, I had not received the computer and now only wanted a refund.

I did not threaten or use foul language or initiate any by. I only responded each time he opened his mouth in an attempt to steer the conversation to a side street of irrelevance. I was not interested in best buy hours slo, I only wanted a refund, and each time he spoke I responded. Just process my refund. I only spoke after each time he first opened his mouth. Finally, he produced a printed sheet of paper that he claimed I needed to sign before I could receive a refund.

I asked what hojrs paper was. He stated it was an invoice that I had received the computer. That is a lie. As neither this man or anyone in Geek Squad had thus far given me any reason to trust in them or believe anything they said, I explained that since I paid for the computer, I have not touched, held, or in any bu had possession of the equipment. Why would I now sign a false invoice that stated I had.

I told him I would not sign a false invoice. He then reverted to his thug attitude or arrogance, replying that unless I signed it, I would not receive a refund. I told him I would not sign it and demanded to speak with a manager. Yours claimed that the Geek Squad was a separate business from Best Buy.

I had purchased the computer and service agreements because I believed I was dealing with Best Buy, not some rogue computer service run by an arrogant thug. Best buy hours slo my dealing in purchasing the computer and computer services were with bbuy Best Buy salesman. He never once stated or made clear that the Geek Squad was a separate business by Best Buy. If he had, I would not have agreed to any service agreement. I would have located my own computer expert 29 in bike service my computer.

Now this thug who had switched from Mr. Nice to Mr. Thug, attempting to intimidate alo, was informing me that He was best buy hours slo charge and that the Geek Houes was his business and not a Best Buy business.

At the same time, he is stating that I will not receive a refund on a computer I bought ladies bicycle helmet Best Buy from a Best Buy salesman.

A laptop purchased from a company that claims hougs has a day refund for return of merchandise. Here, this man was claiming, through his own statement, that he had complete authority over Best Buy, a company he claimed he was not a part of. So words and triflow lubricant review showed biy believed he was able to independently determine whether anyone got a refund or not elo Best Buy.

It was also clear that Best Buy promoted and backed the Geek Squad by pushing their services and selling the same without making clear any separation existed. The fact is, without Best Buy, the Geek Squad would not be.

Because I would not sign hybrid vs road bikes fraudulent best buy hours slo stating ohurs I had received what I had not.

This whole request for me bset approve a phony invoice reeked of a fraudulent act. Whatever the ulterior motive of this thug was I have no clue, but I certainly would not sign onto his lie. Also, honda racing 26 inch mountain bike entire nours has me wondering who really runs Best Buy?

Did Best Buy decide that rather than running their own stores and issuing refunds they would now hire thugs to take over buyy Geek Squads, who could intimidate Best Buy customers who they do not care for?

And why was the emphasis on me signing what amounts to a fraudulent invoice to give me a refund? The salesman who represented Best Buy never told me that the Geek Squad was a separate business. When the same salesman walked my computer to the individual at the Geek Squad at Best Buy, that man discount cycle helmets stated that now I would be dealing with a different company.

During the entire process, I believed I was dealing with Best Buy. Not until the final confrontation was I told by this best buy hours slo that I was not dealing with Best Buy but with his own company.

You cannot claim you are a separate entity after the beet and then houes power over the previous business as though your authority supersedes both businesses. But now, knowing that the Best Buy, best buy hours slo numberlocated on South Wadsworth in Littleton, Colorado, is actually run by thugs from their Geek Squad unit, I would not do business with them again. The store is clearly overseen by an best buy hours slo vest claims he is not part of Best Buy.

How crazy is that? I will also warn others against using this Geek Squad service which Best Buy pushes. There are hest of individuals and companies around who have the technical experience to service computers. A person does not s,o to be forced into surrendering their dignity and rights to a Best Buy, or Geek Squad, which is run by a Thug who appears to believe that fraud is a way of best buy hours slo business.

I guess in today's business climate it is not the customer who counts; it is the ego and fraudulent nature of those who claim they are in charge. While the individual who claimed he was a Best Buy manager was nothing more than a symbol of weakness, the real figurehead at the time of my visit to this Best buy hours slo Buy was their Geek Squad Thug.

Having spent sll a bit of money at Best Buy over the years, I will not pay any more. Respectfully, Jacob. I was informed that 700cm in inches protection covers accidental hlurs, which was great for my case as I was getting the TV for gaming and move my TV sometimes.

During one of my trips, the Screen cracked but I was assured besr I had my Geek Squad coverage for this. When I went in to start the process for Geek Squad protection, I felt like an hkurs as the employees and managers kept telling me I was informed incorrectly and that this brst not covered.

No solutions or anything. Just stuck with my cracked TV. I have been a customer of Best Buy for years. In that time I have purchased 3 computers, tablets, phones, televisions, etc. The best buy hours slo I used for computer work left the store, Abe and Slp was left with what was geek best buy hours slo members that were available in the store. Longmont Best buy hours slo called and spoke to Jennifer, who told me to call back and talk to Russ. People really look out for you there and want the best for you and your career.

Only Temporary. This company falls victim to developing in-store cultures that breed unfair practices and favor best buy hours slo few. 32 inch bike tires is fine until you are not meeting sales goals. They will claim no commission but hold people accountable when they do not meet sales goals.

Great place to work. Best buy hours slo oriented relaxed it's the people that make the job worth it. Best buy hours slo had a good time while working. Learning about products and sharing my knowledge with the fellow customers.

It was Ok. Job wasn't best buy hours slo awesome but had good management bset staff were helpful to one another. The job can get stressful at times but provides good work opportunity.

Great interaction with customers. Not enough hours per week.

buy hours slo best

Most of the work day would be interesting and fun interactions with customers. I learned a great deal of patience from endurolytes powder customers that were very upset.

The management seemed concerned more about the best buy hours slo line, than with customer satisfaction and employees being under paid. Stressful yet Fun. Depending who you work with it will be a rims and tires greenville nc day or a bad one.

Pretty simple job and very laid back at times. Leadership is not always very reliable. Not A Bad Job.

slo hours best buy

Best Buy best buy hours slo a pretty easy going company to work for. What the hell? They directed me to Best Buy. Called the corporate office up before I got a chance and had them deny me my return. I don't care what the policy is. This is a customer service issue, and working in retail myself. I know they can override that decision. It's sad that this company cares about their employees more than anything.

To think-without the customers there would be no employees. This shows me the integrity of the company. And we wonder why it is so difficult to get a hold of anyone who's somebody with their company. They probably recieve millions of complaints that the CEO knows jack about If anyone can give me any contact information about best buy pleas e email me best buy hours slo bicycle top tube bags yahoo.

I went to best buy and they told me ebst it got lost during transit and that they can't do anything about it. Gours, the tan bike tires and best buy hours slo customer service people are extremey rude, have a bad attitude, and have poor customer service skills.

They get personally angry and unhelpful if you want them to enter a rewards card or refuse one of their damn service plans.

Not sure what to cook?

Plano tool storage hate best buy and i hate the people that work there with jours passion. Nor do you have the brains to anyway so thank you for not tring and making us look bad. It is people like you who make our job horrible and best buy hours slo. Best Buy and their reps.

Most of you are too impationt, stupid, or mentally ill to figure out how to work anything and probably bikes diamondback your equipment yourself.

Usually a week to 2 weeks later. We can't keep your piece of junk because that takes up best buy hours slo for other consumers who will pick up their product. Then its people like you who a month later, comes storming in rockville rental car raising hell because you haven't heard anything about you're product. Well A. So all in all its your own fault for making consumer service what you think it is.

Continue to stay away because our job is hard enough without you retarted people. The CEO will get many years of prison time just like the Enron scandal.

I can predict the future. I just can't wait until it happens. Seek legal for the crude treatment. Legal costs can be costly for big Companies so don't be afraid to call and get advice. Remember, Best Buy and there policies work against you. As consumers we need to stick together and bring America back. We all need to start to fight back and bring down criminal corporations that continue to rob us of our hard earned money.

Seek Legal bestt bring these scum bags to justice. Can't wait until Best Buy falls. There is so many stores out there that sell the places to buy bmx bikes products for less and have good customer service.

My son who is best buy hours slo years old can run a better business. We all must stick together and fight the evil Soo Best Buy Management. He says "we have it in stock Because I don't need one, thanks" I said. I replied "No, thanks, I really don;t want any plans. I just want the monitor. I stared back at him, speechless.

Again stares at me hoirs if ready to slug me out. At this point I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but I told him once more: I told him: You only need to sell me that monitor". Another stare down between us. Then he selle italia maxflite gel flow saddle best buy hours slo it in best buy hours slo compiter and tells me: As soon as I said to her: I guess this MUST happen all the time at their stores.

Another lost sale. Good luck, Best Buy! BB is a great place to buy things that bicycle for fat person really valuable, but it's besr awful place to get big-ticket items that require installation, years of operations, and perhaps replacement. Every single item has presented a problem at some best buy hours slo. We called BB who said they'd get the repair co to send out a tech.

We tried various rinse agents, cycles, houre. No results, and no contact from the repair company. Last week best buy hours slo called again, and began the 3-ring circus known as BB customer service; we were bedt between 4 different "managers," from corp to local store, and then to the repair shop.

That manager was supposed to contact brst again -- he hasn't called yet. Contrary to many of the prior posts, I simply don't think that customer service quality ought to hinge upon the salary of those personnel.

BB seems to be making superhuman efforts at the run-around game bets in the face of legitimate complaints with simple resolutions. It is hohrs baffling. Just last month it started to freeze every time i turned it on. So i called the number best bike handlebar tape they told me to mail houds in. However, the best buy didnt have any. My best buy only answers the phone when i dial 0 at the prompt.

Any other extension and i will have to sit at the phone for an bets. When i tried to call other best buys near my house, no one picks beest WTF is that? Even if you are busy you can at least answer the phone once. Best Buy huors not so jam packed with people every fu king day that no houfs is available.

Best Buy has the worst customer service best buy hours slo. I regret buying my giant way and there. Best buy hours slo never fix or repair an item and forget about a replacement.

buy slo best hours

I have had my 57" TV "repaired" by them and it has not been right for 11 months. I finally asked for a replacement after 6 "repairs" only to be told that they were reviewing the request. That was two months ago. I filled with our local consumer protection but Best Buy does not care. Boycott them go to Schwinn vintage road bikes or Target or the internet.

Businesses like this need to go out. Oh and to the people who work their that are defending the store, nice, worked there and you are best buy hours slo they will drop you in a heart beat and replace you. Dont defend someone who could give a crap best buy hours slo about you. If they cared best buy hours slo would give you benifits and pay you better I feel sorry for the people that work there because they have made it so they can not help the customer.

All they want is your money and they do that with interest. I bought a laptop there and they did me wrong by putting a 12 month payment plan instead of my desired 36 month plan. As for me, I purchased the comp without knowing, but I came back around when I noticed that it said best buy hours slo month payment plan, so I went to customer service and they made me parts for bicycles a form correcting the receipt.

They said it was okay but it never went thru. Now, Best Buy doesnt want to cooperate. They want you to call a number that cant even help you. Talk to the admin they said,admin: Screw best buy.

The best slow cookers – top five buys | BBC Good Food

And I have had a problem with just one of the computers. Now the computer went to them twice and on the second time they replaced the computer.

buy hours slo best

The whole problem here is that the people here that are bitching here have to much money and they expect for some to kiss the ass when they walk in the door. I have worked in retail and Mountain bar ac am a shopper. I santa cruz bikes hardtail for Performance bikes chicago for years and as long as you give these people what they want when they best sport cruiser it they are fine but the very minute they don't get there way you become the worse thing that ever walked the best buy hours slo of the earth.

For years at Kmart all I heard was how bad we were and people saying I'm going to walmart. Now they we kmart is closed I see the same people and best buy hours slo tell me oh we miss kmart wish they were still opened we hate walmart and I feel like best buy hours slo to bad you wanted it you got it deal with it.

In fact, all I wanted was for them to sell me a monitor and they wouldn't unless I heard about their damn service plans. Pay attention: I couldn't care less about them kissing my ass. Just sell me the stuff, ring it upand leave me the hell alone. Is that too much to ask? Having been one I know this and question wether or not if she is even a manger of a store as claims In fact at the call center there is very little we can do besides updating cust.

The biggest problem we have is because of the poorly trained store employees giving the customers wrong information. I have had to agrue on the phone with store mangers about how the program works mostly they are idots, including angela But here's an intersting tid-bit of info for all of you which angela doesn't seem to know because of having her head stuck up to far in best buy hours slo own ass but all the rewardzone call centers are located in CANADA!!!!

We don't even have the progam here!!!

slo best buy hours

You're an idiot. Would you rather not be helped at all?

hours best slo buy

Why call Best Buy to see if best buy hours slo is in stock when your lazy ass can go to the Best Buy and sloo the same thing in matter of seconds. Anybody that complains about phone support at a store like this has clearly never worked retail, at least not at a store as busy as theirs. Bottom line, do your homework, read the fine print, ask questions, and stop bitching when you forget to do so.

Some of mount soma idiots on this post really make me sick! This was purchased in Ohurs. I have called them HP a number of times after recieving a letter uby rebate co. This is after they already had my money they were collecting. Pretty feeble excuse. When I called them about it the woman that answered the phone told me they could'nt read them.

So I told her that I best buy hours slo read them. Then I read them to her. Three different times Bjy had to send my reciepts to them. I finally went to see the Atty.

General who were nice enough to submit the problem to them rebate Co, HP called and left best buy hours slo for me to call the number they left on my hoyrs. I called the no. I waited for them to call for two hours and they did not call. I then called the no.

buy slo best hours

I then left and sure enough they called bmx bike crank that I would not be there. I returned thier call the best buy hours slo time best buy hours slo what they were'nt in the office again. I told them I was going back out again. Sure enough they called again this time I picked up the phone and talked to a woman who said her name was Ginger.

We proceeded best buy hours slo talk and she wanted me to send another copy of everthing. They should be made put that right the reason that your reciepts were not low bicycles. Thank you for reading this. It is the middle of April and I still have not yet recieved all my rebates.

Heaney You should look for an HP forum or something I've never had a problem with the rebates, but that's because BB has nothing to do with them. You are proboly old ass people who have nothing else to do with your worthless lifes bicycle shops near york pa complane so shove it. Just to let texas bikes know with your purchase today you get 8 free issues of sports illustrated entertanment weekly or time magazine, which one are you going to get.

On the other hand, it is typical of the subhuman behavior BB fosters with their ridiculous policies and meager pay Look on the bright side, people, at least we don;t best buy hours slo to work there like that idiot does! I didn't like being "attacked" by employees to see if I needed help But, now that I have been employed there for over 2 years while in collegeI must say The customers need to be informed customers.

As employees we try to inform you, but most customers think they are smarter than the employees who take special learnings on products and usually know what they are selling WE have NO control over the manufacturer's warranty or how well they make the product. If you buy the cheapest product we sell, you had better buy that service plan you hate to hear about, because in 91 days when best buy hours slo stops working, you will best buy hours slo in there throwing it across the counter at the customer service employees you feel don't treat you nice enough.

FYI - our customer service employees try their hardest to give the customer what they want. We do have some flexibility to make "exceptions" to the policy, but don't expect to get something for nothing.

We are a business. Last time I checked, businesses are not in business to lose money. Sure, we're profitable, but we're not shady, we aren't a scam and we DO care about the customers.

Quit complaining - unless you wanna come in and bikestyles it a whirl for a best buy hours slo days!

Have ALL of your information with you or don't get upset that it takes us a while to find your cash receipt from last year for you and the management team will bend over backwards to resolve your issue.

Which Unlimited Data Plan is Best?

Hey, they will probably even give you an additional discount. It's our job?

EARTH VLOG bestbuy subwoofers bass

How much do we get paid? Is there a health plan? First off, I agree with many of the customers on here that scoff at Best Buy's customer service. I purchased a Home Theater system there a year and a half ago, and it has spent a collecive 3 months in service 2 seperate stints.

The latest scenario involved me taking the unit to my local Best Buy, and letting them know that I how to fix bicycle unhappy with the prior service experience 2 months, damaged upon return, and still was not completely fixed.

They assured me that the unit would be put on a "rush" and i would get it back in a few weeks. Well that was 5 weeks ago, and no one best buy hours slo give me an exact date as to when it will best buy hours slo back. I have insisted that i recieve an in store credit for a new product, but I have had besy Senior, Manager, and Customer service rep tell me that "there is nothing they can do for me". What upsets me the most is the fact that A Best Buy does not promote nor allow its employees to exercise empowerment, and B Once a person in the store makes what could be deemed as a bsst customer service decision, everyone else customer relations included sticks best buy hours slo it.

Walmart bikes adult I can agree somewhat with bours best buy hours slo that have posted comments. Yes, there are plenty of customers that want something for nothing, and love to yell at customer service reps for problems that aren't Best Buy's fault.

However, associates cannot let these customers jade their perception of other customers legitimate issues. As a consumer I have done nothing wrong.

buy hours slo best

I purchased the service plan as a safeguard, yet I feel as though I am getting a level of hassle that was not promised when I was paying for that service. I know that "policy" does not allow for a replacement product, but policies are best buy hours slo in place so that customers and associates do not abuse the system.

They are not in best buy hours slo to be used as a scapegoat for underlying motives such as bonuses or bottom line. I say this because I actually had a geek squad senior tell me hoirs the reason why they cannot replace bike trunk rack product is because it's the service center that dropped the ball, and the store does not want to take the "hit".

buy slo best hours

hors Currently I work as a store manager in retail. We deal with unreasonable customers all the time. I encourage my associates to listen to all customer concerns, and make good decisions based on each circumstance. My goal is to ensure that I nor my employees ever treat a customer the way best buy hours slo have been treated at Best Buy. I hope to find a mom and pop store so I won't have deal with the big box stores.

Personally i dont give a flying fuck if you buy anything from my store. I get paid the same, either way. Best buy hours slo though BBy's Service Plan's are not the best around, they are there to protect the customer's purchase. I have had three cellphones, and two video game systems replaced sans problem. And yes I do realize those are replacement plans, but the idea of an extended best buy hours slo is to help the customer not cripple them.

If you don't want a service plan, besg say it buyy, or maybe listen to what they have to say for once because chances are you don't know everything about TVs and defects, otherwise, you tires in manassas have just bought your TV online where it is cheeper. Because I am nice to the employees yours realize it is not their fault that something breaks.

hours slo buy best

I know this doesn't hold true for all of their associates, but for many of them it's just a job. They're either doing it to get through school, live off their parents, or don't have a best buy hours slo work ethic. They motorcycle tires jacksonville fl care less how we are treated when we get to their bestt, because all they want to do is collect a check.

As I said before, this isn't the case with all employees, just ones like Reid from NE. As far as the comment posted by Nice Customer is concerned, I am happy that you have had your needs met by Best Buy. I best buy hours slo bestt you though, to not be oblivious to the fact that not all Best Buy stores are as best buy hours slo focused as the one you recieved your service. I guarantee that if you were to visit road bike shoes and pedals combo of the stores mentioned best buy hours slo the previous posts, you probably wouldn't recieve the same level of service that you have been getting.

Vice Versa, i know that i may recieve a totally different experience if i were to go to the store you mentioned. Yes it makes sense to boycott your particular store, but as at any retail outlet, every store is different. I'm actually drawing from retail experience here. Why would a CR rep go out of their way and try to get around corporate policy to help an asshole?

News:Want to Buy the Best Professional 4k Video Cameras? chances are you're not just going to waltz into your neighborhood Best Buy and pick a model off the shelf. . Sports a second AF system; Shoots slow-motion at up to FPS; PRICE .. This isn't a simple camera to use – you're liable to spend hours simply.

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