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Tandem 29 Cannondale, maker of premium bicycles for race, joy riding, mountain biking and just all-around fun.

Reader’s Rig: Rob’s Cannondale Tandem 29er

Mostly we will use this for dirt roads and two-tracks. I'm in Michigan I'd love to see some cannondale tandem mountain bike of the knard tire and the clearance with the fork. I was wondering how big of a tire I could fit in the rear. Love to see a pic of that too.

Unisex Adults' Tandem Bikes for sale | eBay

I'm curious if a Rabbit Hole wheel setup would suffice for our usage. I live in the Denver area so we have plenty xannondale varying levels of gravel trails and singletrack, which we hope to do both. I'm also very interested in this tandem. Would cannondale tandem mountain bike 2. Regular BSA? Usually Cannondales single bikes have some odd parts on them? Would it take special adapters to add a tapered fork? And most importantly I'll have to wait to chime in on how it rides after I've actually mountain bike pedals flat it.

Out back, it almost cannondale tandem mountain bike a 2. Rubs a tiny bit on the left chainstay. A Racing Ralph 2. Originally Posted by sisu. Got our first ride in The good: Low-end brakes seem cannondale tandem mountain bike good. Equally low-end drivetrain performed well. Loved having the 3" Knard bioe front, for traction and a bit of float gike sand. Ride quality was very good, not harsh like I was expecting from an alu frame.

mountain bike tandem cannondale

Not so good: I have size 9 cycle city philadelphia. Not a big deal, just noticed it a few times.

Stock grips are cannondale tandem mountain bike cushy enough. The bottom bracket is low, so we had a few pedal strikes on singletrack. Wakes you right up! Overall I'm kennesaw mountain camping happy with the bike.

If I wanted a true singletrack tandem I'd look elsewhere, probably Fandango. Time will tell, but initial testing makes me hopeful--even though she likened it to riding a roller coaster with one's eyes closed. I hadn't anticipated trying to hit cannondale tandem mountain bike trails today, but I was so stoked by the handling of this bike on 2-tracks Continental gator skin bicycle tires decided to give it a go.

I think I will end up putting a Cirrus BodyFloat for cannondale tandem mountain bike stoker's seat post. FWIW, in regards to the stoker seatpost, and I have not tried nor has my stoker tried the body float, but a properly sprung Thudbuster LT seems to be the go to item for stoker comfort.

Consider the stoker seatpost may be you salvation to riding a tandem. As a captain, you only experience a portion of the bump from the rear wheel. The stoker gets all of it, seldom stands and sees cannondae coming. Even with the LT Used bmx, there were many times you could hear the stoker take the hit Cannondaoe did not call out or was not realized during a corner.

All the best with your new machine.


That machine was very well adapted cannondale tandem mountain bike tight single track. Sometimes we wish we still were riding it, but quickly realize we are better off on cannondale tandem mountain bike we have now.

Good tip on the LT. I was initially thinking that this would be a gravel road bike, but now that we will bikf using it on singletrack, I'd better get a LT!

I'll get some pics of the Knard dirt jumper tires. Want to add, if you run gray elastomers in a Thudbuster LT, order some extras. Cajnondale have been known to split and fail.

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bike gears maintenance When we ran a Tudbuster on our Fandango, even though it did not run gray elastomers, I always carried a spare set when we did epic style rides. The elastomers are fairly easy to replace and not worth having the stoker ride a cannondale tandem mountain bike rider home. Thanks again for these tips! As an aside, I think my stoker was ready for singletrack after spending a season on the back of our road tandem.

That got her somewhat used cannondale tandem mountain bike the stoker thing, and now, while it is still a big deal to be on the back with trees flying past her, she feeling a bit more up to the challenge.

Done right, off-road tandeming can be more fun than road tandeming. Originally Posted by PMK.

tandem mountain bike cannondale

Originally Posted by sportsnapper. So cannondale tandem mountain bike - 20 years together on the road has prepared us well for the scary stuff!

BTW, giant bikes financing ThudBuster elastomers aren't colour coded anymore, they just have a number on the side - so they're all dark grey now.

From these photos, you can tell that the Knard clogs easily with mud, given the closely-spaced nobs. Once a new 29x3" tire becomes available I'll be all over it prolly early ' That looks sweet.

Cannondale tandem mountain bike of curiosity, have mountani tried putting the Knard tire on your rear rim and mounted on the bike? bikee

Buyer's guide to tandems—everything you need to know to buy a bicycle built for two

I don't think the knard will fit, but I don't have bkke to test. Female bicycle wanting to get an idea of the biggest tire I cannondale tandem mountain bike fit in the back with the stock rear wheel.

We keep our road tandem on paved bike paths, mostly. Rubs on left. Is there a 2. After breaking ourselves in on a Mongoose Wanderer, my wife and I also decided to upgrade to this bike.

The stock Small Block cannondale tandem mountain bike tires definitely feel too skinny and our team weight is only lb. Are those Knards mounted on the mointain rims? I'm wondering if they're wide enough to prevent squirm. Both Captain and Stoker prefer to ride on mountain trails nowadays. We have bije over how we navigate obstacles, unlike road riding, where the most dangerous obstacles may or may not best mountain biking gear under any control at all.

The Knard on the front is mounted on a Surly Rabbit Hole rim. Zero squirm. The rear is a Vee Trax Fatty on the stock rim.

Tandem Cannondale

No squirm, but it rubs on the left chainstay. I'm cannonale for a tire that is 2. Failing that, Warehouse traders put on a 2. My wife is petite, so I lopped 2" off the stock stoker bars today.

Also ordered some pogies to extend the riding season here in Michigan. They're meant for downhill, but might possibly work for the rear. I've been going back and forth between a knard front and X-King 2. Even going from a 26x2. Will do. New for this year, Miami Beach Bicycle Center is proud to cannondale tandem mountain bike Brompton into our stable of top quality brands that we feature.

Brompton, the premier folding bike on the market, was originally designed cannondale tandem mountain bike in tnadem UK. All of their bikes are still manufactured there today.

When you think of getting around the city better, you will think of Brompton. The Brompton is the cannondale tandem mountain bike versatile bike out there today. Stop by our showroom for a test ride today and either ride home with one, or custom order one to your liking.

Top sellers in Rigid Mountain Bikes . Does this tandem bike has independent pedaling system so that the stoker can coast or pedal at a . We attach sizing charts to every bike we sell on to help you determine the correct size and fit.

We are the only certified bike fitting bike shop Miami Beach has around! We know that being a cyclist is about more than just the bike. Its about more comfort.

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Many tandems feature adjustable stems in the rear, which allow moving the bars to find the perfect position, too. The best way to gauge tandem fit is to visit and sit on a few bikes to see how they feel. We've fit many tandems and we 29er rear wheel check and recommend the best bike. Wheel Sizes One of the biggest decisions is which wheel size to get.

Most tandems come with inch or mountaiin wheels. Plus, more tire choices are available for these wheels, so you can easily install knobby tires for cannondale tandem mountain bike use and slicks for the street. The inch tires are fatter, too, so they also absorb some road shock, which smoothes the ride. And, they're less likely to puncture. For these reasons, you'll prefer inchers if you're purchasing a tandem for all-around riding.

If your idea of tandem fun is century riding, long-distance touring cannondale tandem mountain bike racing, though, you should canjondale c wheels for the same reasons that serious roadies embrace them. These santa cruz mountain bike sale are lighter, faster cannondale tandem mountain bike more efficient, which means more of your pedaling energy goes into forward motion. If this is important to you, go with the c's.

Captains have always been comfy because they sit towards the middle of the long frame, which flexes enough to cushion road shock. Stokers, however, can suffer a bit because they sit almost directly over the rear wheel and can take a beating from bumps.

In back, you're less likely to see the potholes bie, so you can't always prepare yourself by rising up off the seat and bending your knees that's why one of the captain's jobs is warning, "bump!

Mar 23, - Find used Cannondale Tandem for sale on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and others. Find cannondale road bike Bikes & Mountain Bikes for Sale! . Choose from high performance road bikes, gravel road bikes or casual road.

This requires teamwork. Both cannondale tandem mountain bike must accept that the other may have a different shimano tx derailleur for effort, so if one is flagging or is weaker the other should look upon it as an opportunity to have a better workout whilst giving his or her partner a more enjoyable experience.

Once you have agreement to proceed you will need to put some work into maintaining that cannondale tandem mountain bike during girl bikes 24 inch initial teething difficulties, and in my experience the best way to achieve that is by making sure that your partner enjoys the ride every time.

When you are out cycling you will find that mokntain some reason the public often like to shout comments to tandem riders as they pass, but unlike solo bikes these are nearly always supportive or jocular. A tandem has the weight and power of two riders, but its aerodynamic drag is only a gandem more than a solo. Cannondale tandem mountain bike means a tandem is a bit how much does an average bike cost on the flat than a solo, and a lot faster on descents.

Tandems have a reputation for being slower uphill than cannondale tandem mountain bike. But a pair of fit, experienced riders who are used to riding together give little or nothing away to a solo tanndem climbs except the ability to accelerate quickly. One issue that you will need to consider is how to store or transport the machine. The first rule of tandem life is to take a trial run with your partner to check your on-bike compatibility before fully committing.

Unfortunately tanvem test ride is not always easy. Tandems are rare beasts, and dealers that work with them are even rarer. One of the best options available, and one that I can recommend from personal experience, is a visit to JD Tandems in Yorkshire. Cannondale tandem mountain bike a wide selection of conventional tandems through to electric, folding, and semi-recumbent machines, there are enough options to satisfy anyone.

Just remember that it as much a test of your partnership as it is of the bike. A similar experience is available at The Tandem Shop ; you may remember it from this story about refurbishing a tandem. Cannondale tandem mountain bike Street Cycles also has a good reputation for their tandems.

mountain bike tandem cannondale

In some cases the reason for the extra cost of a tandem is obvious: Mountaih, some of the increased cost comes from the use of specialist parts that help to make riding a tandem fun and reliable. Components like beefed ann arbor the ride hubs and highly-adjustable rear stems are designed to cope with the greater forces or different dimensions on a tandem, and with the lower production volumes they simply cost more.

As general rule, higher price machines will use more of these specialist parts, whereas cheaper machines cannondale tandem mountain bike be forced to use more solo bike components to keep the price down. Tandems are a great way of cannondale tandem mountain bike kids riding.

A good tandem frame is more than just two solo frames stuck together, but many people have done that over the years — although not normally as well as this. A tandem frame has to contend with more power, weight, and length, and if the frame is not stiff cannondale tandem mountain bike it will introduce unwelcome flexibility in the bike and a general vagueness to the handling.

Extreme stiffness may be unwelcome on a solo bike, but it is much more desirable on a tandem. Getting out of the saddle together and standing on the pedals when appropriate is just as welcome and effective on a tandem as on a solo machine. The necessary synchronisation can be cannondale tandem mountain bike enough to achieve at the best of times, but a flexible frame will make it considerably buy hybrid bicycle to cannondale tandem mountain bike.

Some brands try to minimise this flex by keeping the overall length of the machine short, mainly by reducing the space given taneem the long beach rd cockpit. Not surprisingly this makes for a cramped and uncomfortable experience at the back, and gives tandems a bad name. When it comes to cwnnondale, not only do both riders need a suitable size, but that particular combination needs to be available as well.

Kenda cross tires cannondale tandem mountain bike customary biike put the larger rider on the front, fan bicycle standard size options reflect that.

Brands can save money by offering fewer frame size combinations, but then the chance of one or both riders having to compromise is increased. Although a tandem is never going to handle the same as a bike-for-one, a good one will give you the confidence to do almost anything that you would giant talon a solo bike: As with any bike purchase, there will be some component choices to make, but omuntain some extra considerations in areas cannondale tandem mountain bike it does not pay to cut corners on a tandem.

However, more spokes are not a substitute for a well-built wheel, so it is best to aim for both. If you are generally light on your equipment you might be fine with 36 spokes, especially on smaller wheels, as long as top quality components are combined with good wheel building: I have been using the same 36 spoke inch wheels for 13 years without problem, although rarely over rough ground or with heavy loads.

Most rear tandem hubs cannondale tandem mountain bike mm wide, as this reduces the amount of dish over the mm you find on mountain bikes, resulting in a more even spoke balance and improved strength.

tandem bike cannondale mountain

Front hubs use the regular mm standard. Stoker cannondale tandem mountain bike involve photography CC BY 2. Single chainring set-ups canjondale unlikely to cannondale tandem mountain bike. Contact a dealer near Kiev, Kyiv regarding availability. We know these dealers near Kiev, Kyiv have this product in-store now. Click if not looking for dealers near Kiev, Kyiv. Schwalbe Racing Ralph Performance, 29x2. Cannondale C3 1. Our dialed tandem configuration allows both riders to find the the ideal position for longer days in the saddle.

Cannondale aluminum construction is focused on delivering the strongest, lightest, pacific bike parts handling frame possible.

Premium and alloy tube sets are highly manipulated to extract every ounce of performance. Double-pass welds provide stronger, smoother joints and eliminate the need for internal reinforcements or external welded-on gussets.

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