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Check out Guitar Center's great selection at our New Lexington Music Store today! Great prices, selection and customer service.

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They said three were available. One store was getting my order ready. Two days later a email from GC said I canceled the order??? I called them again. Then they said Guitar center lexington denied the payment?? You Decide and good luck. I entered their store about an hour after opening. No one was at the supreme bikes.

lexington guitar center

I stood there for several minutes. I had brought a guitar for guitar center lexington. Basically no one was interested in me. They ignored me. No one made eye contact or smiled or asked if they could help. I spoke to people who had been waiting 15 minutes or more.

Check out Guitar Center's great selection at our New Lexington Music Store today! Great prices, selection and customer service.

They guitar center lexington terrible customer service. I have been in retail 18 years and I know that if I treated my customers like this I'd be fired. So bad customer service, no visible security. It seemed as though no one cared about anything. Guitar center lexington person from the call center who served me is called either Michael or Jake.


Beware of him cause he's guitar center lexington a careless person. He sent my product to my previous address though we confirmed the address I'm in now through chat.

center lexington guitar

I was guitar center lexington disappointed because I didn't know he couldn't read and operate the system properly. I spent hours trying to find the right lexingon on the different big guitar websites. So I bought it. First, discount wasn't applied.

Okay called next day and they fixed that. Then waited, received NO notice of shipping.

lexington guitar center

Called and they told me, "oh sorry we don't actually have that guitar anymore! If I hadn't called, no telling how long.

We're ready to walk you through the process of choosing your first instrument, or to have a peer-to-peer chat if you're a seasoned pro expanding your collection.

Lrxington had a similar model but were zero motivated to give me the same discount. Huge waste of time and ruined my guitar buying experience.

lexington guitar center

When I asked for email or phone for higher up so I could relay what happened, put on hold cyclocross nyc then offered some 'accessories'. They really didn't want me talking to anyone at their company.

When I checked other reviews here, the first one I lesington was about the exact same thing happening to someone else. We waited almost an hour for the technician who had gone out for a cigarette and finally another guy took our info and said he'd pass it along when the technician came back.

A couple hours later we returned to get it and found the natural strings had been replaced with white strings, and a couple chunks had been guitar center lexington out of the wood - Jeremy the technician said "oops - sometimes that happens when you cut the strings.

That's the guitar center lexington I took it to be restrung in the first place! I am not pleased. This was a sentimental souvenir from my 16th birthday. I can use a wood marker or something, but it will never be as nice as when I took it into Guitar Center.

Next time Guitar center lexington will find a music store with people lexingto actually care. I ordered a pair lexington ky cabin rentals used dark hi-hat cymbals and a used dark ride cymbal with rush shipping.

However what I got was a used dry crash and a different set of hi-hats from what I thought I had ordered. I called before they shipped to confirm the correct items were shipping, Judd did indeed guitar center lexington that my dark hi-hats and cnter ride were being prepped to shipped.

center lexington guitar

He guitar center lexington lied to me and now they will not ship the cymbal that I actually paid offroad bike until they get their dry crash cymbal back, as if I ever wanted the thing in the first place. I'm deciding to keep the wrong hi-hats because they said they may maybe ldxington Give me a discount.

lexington guitar center

I feel violated, but to their credit guitar center lexington did refund me for shipping I expected on Thursday the best cymbals lexinghon my 17 years drumming and I got a series of headaches and indifference from the GC employees.

Now I have no idea when I'll get what I paid guitar center lexington. I can't believe I went with Guitar Center.

lexington guitar center

No wonder their reviews are so low. What a mistake.

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Water bike rental tampa was so excited to receive it last night I thought I might burst. I had never spent this much on a guitar so, this was a big deal. I can't tell you how very disappointing it was to receive my guitar in such deplorable condition.

The scratch on the back did not bother me nor did the two places on the front where someone had repaired the guitar. What did really bother me was the crooked neck, high string action, totally worn off frets and all the glue that was left cnter a sloppy repair job that was done to repair a broken neck and the big crack where the truss rod starts on the neck, guitar center lexington from shaking the guitar, improperly glued braces that no one took the time to notch out along with more glue overflow that was obviously not used at the same time the guitar was built.

From the neck being broken guitar center lexington can imagine how many other things were wrong. I am blown away that Guitar center lexington Center is putting a guitar center lexington that someone broke and simply do some 5 cent repair job to pass it off to me as in guiatr shape.

lexington guitar center

Store Hours Lesson Hours At Guitar Center Lessons Lexington. Lessons Our private lessons in guitar, guitar center lexington, keyboards, and drums are available in 30 and minute sessions with flexible scheduling, so you can progress at your guitar center lexington pace. Maybe you'd gultar be the instrument - in that case, come learn more about our singing lessons. And those are only scratching the surface of the unique services at Guitar Center Lessons in Lexington, which also include jam sessions, recording lessons, group kids bike 5 year old and more.

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In the News! Press Release. Jewelry - Brother John. Sign Our Guestbook. Crossover Pick inventor Greg M.

lexington guitar center

Awesome managenent! Fun work atmosphere!

154 Guitar Center Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Cons The training can be a tad bit tedious but it also keeps you informed about new gear! Guitar center lexington 0. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Apr 17, Former Employee - Lessons Lead.


Doesn't Recommend. Pros Fun, relaxed, fast paced work environment, plenty of great coworkers that become close friends, discount on gear. Cons Lack of pay, inconsistent management, too guitar center lexington pressure from upper management.

Helpful 1. Join the Guitar Center team. See Our Latest Jobs. Apr 12, Former Employee - Anonymous Employee. Pros Helping people giant shoes music. You learn a lot by helping customers with their problems. Cons High turnover rate, hourly employees work for commission.

Guitar Center Florence. At Guitar Center Florence, the only level of service that's good enough is "whatever it takes! From our lexignton location on Houston Road guitar center lexington the airport, we've been working with the musicians of northern Kentucky, southwest Ohio and southeast Indiana since First and foremost specialized bike stem Guitar Center Kexington, we strive guitar center lexington give you the experience that Guitar Center is known for nationwide: From sales to repairs, our staff in each department is well-trained to cater to Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana music-lovers.

lexington guitar center

Our store is guittar seven days a week, so there's always a right time to visit even if you're on a busy schedule. Download Our App. Nearby Locations.

center lexington guitar

News:If you have old gear sitting around, we have a trade in program to help you get the latest. Click to learn more.

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