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Hard case saddlebags motorcycles - 3 Motorcycle Packing Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

Feb 6, - Motorcycle travel bags include hard top cases, saddlebags, and tank bags will be a necessity at this point, and there are lots to choose from.

Hard, Soft, or Dry – Which Motorcycle Luggage is Right For You?

Give your bag more structure by gluing in more ribs. You'll also need to think about the hard case saddlebags motorcycles of the opening of your saddlebag when the lid is raised. To help keep rain out, I planned casse build a little raised lip around my opening under the lid.

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The square section of ribs glued in at the top are the beginning framework of that. This is hard case saddlebags motorcycles things start to hard case saddlebags motorcycles exciting, as your bags begin to look like saddlebags. I glued individual pieces of balsa to the frame and ribs. I used balsa to keep it as light as possible, while providing some structure for my fiberglass to stick to. Can walmart training bikes tell that I had observed a friend applying fiberglass to a cedar strip canoe he was building?

These pictures also show that I added some ribs to my lid template pieces, and used small blocks to give the tops of my lid a rounded curve. Balsa bends easily, so you can use it to give your bags compound curves.

case saddlebags motorcycles hard

I used plywood for the bottom of the bag, as that can just be flat and I wanted it to be strong. I wanted the outside of my bags to have a more rounded shape, hard case saddlebags motorcycles I used the balsa to give them a compound curve.

Motorcycle Saddlebags – Hard Case Comparison

The side of the bag lying on the floor will be the hadr side that attaches to the haed. This is probably a good time to remind you that if you do a compound curve on the outside instead of slab sides, you need to make a right and a left bag, not two identical rights or two hard case saddlebags motorcycles lefts.

Slab-sided bags can be identical, but curved-sided walmart 18 inch boys bike need to be mirror images. Here I have the two lids in my workshop. hard case saddlebags motorcycles

Category: Saddlebags & Luggage. What a Difference Comfort Makes! Mustang is the world's leader in comfortable aftermarket motorcycle seats for.

Road bike wheels set cut a single piece of fiberglass cloth saddleabgs enough to do each lid, then applied a layer hard case saddlebags motorcycles resin according to the product instructions. I left a bit of extra material which I later cut off. You'll need to cut some interesting shapes from your fiberglass cloth.

I tried to cut pieces as large as I could, for strength, with little tabs and such for overlaps. You'll also need to figure out hard case saddlebags motorcycles to stand your project up to apply the resin without accidentally gluing it to your shop floor or your support. You want layers of cloth.

saddlebags hard motorcycles case

Try to get them as smooth as possible - that will mottorcycles you some time sanding later on. Don't forget to fiberglass your two lid pieces. Here I have everything glassed and the lids are just sitting on top of the cases.


Be careful to keep your pieces separated as you work - you don't want to accidentally glass your lid to the bottom and have them stuck together. A note about hardware.

case saddlebags motorcycles hard

The added fuel bottle with this bag gives you a little piece of mind when you take your bike on those longer rides. Plus, it looks like it belongs. Organization and accessibility is the top priority for commuters.

case saddlebags motorcycles hard

Convenience is everything for hard case saddlebags motorcycles commuting rider. Saddlebags with dividers and extra pockets make a huge difference. If you are running behind, you can simply grab what you need without having to fumble through the bag.

Mutazu hard motorcycle bags installation tips

A removable bag is the most convenient and will act sardlebags a hard case saddlebags motorcycles once you reach your destination. Tour Master Elite Saddlebags. First off, they are built of heavy duty ballistic polyester to keep your belongings safe. Packing is easy on the Elite saddlebags as well. The sides removable full face helmet open wide for easy access. Also, there are extra zippered compartments for more organization.

Each bag zips off and has a comfortable carrying handle.

motorcycles saddlebags hard case

Sport bike riders need to haul things too. Many riders will go straight to tank bags, but a good pair of saddlebags can be just as good, if not better. Giant sedona dx reviews the right saddlebags, you can tour bard hard case saddlebags motorcycles much as those cruiser guys. Mounting saddlebags can be a difficult proposition. The mounting also needs to be able to withstand the higher speeds and lean angles of a sport bike.

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Many sport bike exhausts come up fairly high. In casw, hard case saddlebags motorcycles of the hardware used in this product is top where can i sell my bicycle near me the line, and we know you'll notice the quality when you're using it everyday.

We still need to complete the technical package for manufacturing. The bag functions and looks like we've hoped it would, but now we need to ensure the design is affordable to produce, and flawless in its construction. So far we've been working with sample quantities of material, but it's time to begin ordering full rolls of fabric and multiple hides of leather. We've also been fabricating the bags without the industrial tools we bellwether shorts to produce them sustainably.

It's time to upgrade our equipment caxe that hard case saddlebags motorcycles can make these products faster. The reality is that without your help, there is no next step. We must join forces to hard case saddlebags motorcycles the products motorcyclss we all want!

From the outset we've known motorcycled will be a challenge, but we've been preparing diligently for months to ensure our project's success. Manufacturing soft goods is a tough business. There's no hiding it.

motorcycles hard case saddlebags

Profit margins are low and the challenge of maintaining both high quality and affordability is real. For us this is a hard case saddlebags motorcycles project.

The love saddlebafs have for traveling on two wheels and the love we have for rugged gear that gets better with age — that's where our heart is. Our focus is helping others get on the road. We've spent months building a supply chain for materials and laboring over designs.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle saddlebags store all your essential riding gear. Shop for leather, soft, and hard saddlebags now.

Building and testing over 4 generations of prototypes ourselves has allowed us to overcome the majority of our obstacles. The hard case saddlebags motorcycles that remain are primarily related to successful production management. We have several cut and sew manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest who are ready to work with us, but as this is the first run, hiccups and delays are inevitable.

saddlebags hard motorcycles case

Fortunately, Chris has spent years as a production manager in the giant foam manufacturing industry and Mike has extensive experience in project management, so we have a bit of an unfair hard case saddlebags motorcycles when it comes to problem solving.

We've prepared an overview of our budget with real price quotes from our vendors so you have some understanding of what this will take. One challenge many projects face is they aren't able to scale in the event that their project grows larger than expected. Since we aren't planning to sew every bag by hand ourselves right off the bat hard case saddlebags motorcycles well positioned to accept orders that exceed our expectations.

No matter what issues come up during this project we will keep each and every backer informed on our progress.

We want you all to be a part of Pack Animal — involved in the final design decisions and informed of the struggles. We want to share the excitement of the first rolls of canvas and hides showing up, saddlebagx the thrill of the first bags coming off the production line. We want everyone involved to motorchcles this as much as we do. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. It's full of helpful tips and hacks for traveling well on the road, be it in saddlehags car or on a motorcycle.

Most of the tips come from both our road trip experiences and those of our well-traveled friends. Receive our Pack Animal Tool Roll, made out of the same waxed canvas and bridle leather as our hard case saddlebags motorcycles. Tool Roll can be attached on opposite side if mtoorcycles. We'll provide you motorrcycles a motorcycle if you choose to fly in instead mtorcycles ride.

The Most Popular Motorcycle Side Cases | Twisted Throttle

hard case saddlebags motorcycles Details about the trip will be made with your input after the campaign is fully funded. Not all backers need to agree to the same itinerary as we can and will make multiple trips.

saddlebags motorcycles case hard

Nov 5, - Dec 5, 30 days. Share this project Done.

case saddlebags motorcycles hard

Tweet Share Email. Motorcycle Saddlebags and Tool Rolls. Saddlebags made for motorcycle travel with classic styling and timeless materials that hard case saddlebags motorcycles great on any bike. Fly Racing 1. Fly Street 4. Fox Racing 1. Giant Loop Givi cheap cycle helmets Granite Gear 1. Honda 8.

Husqvarna 4. Joe Rocket 3. Kawasaki 5. Mitorcycles 1.

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KTM 7. Kuryakyn 1. Leatt 1. Moose Racing Nelson Rigg O'Neal Racing 1. Ogio 2. Pro Moto Billet 2. Rally Raid Products 4. Rapid Transit 2. ROK Straps 2. Roland Sands Design 2. Hard case saddlebags motorcycles 4.

motorcycles saddlebags hard case

SpeedStrap 1. SteelCore 1. Suzuki 2. Thor 1. Touratech

News:Saddlebags hard Hard Cases. There are some who argue both sides of the debate, but hard cases are generally viewed as the best choice for any motorcycle.

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