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Santa Cruz Hightower LT Carbon CC . You can choose singlespeed for either size wheels, and you can switch from one wheel to the other by using.

Dirty Hightower Rantview

The rest of the components are high quality and well chosen, with the exception of the small mm higghtower rotor up front — a monster bike like this needs the additional stopping power of a mm rotor, especially on long descents.

vs hightower lt hightower

Santa Cruz has done a great job of overhauling the rear linkage. Although it offers only 15 mm more travel, the rear suspension of the Hightower LT feels like it has much more.

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The shock reacts sensitively on small bumps, generates lots of traction, yet provides a high degree of feedback — perfect!

Hightower vs hightower lt with the large wheels and the balanced geometry, the Hightower LT is a confidence-inspiring rig that stays composed and in control over and through the gnarliest rock gardens.

Stop by our factory to checkout the entire range, demo a hightower vs hightower lt and ride the tire shop columbus ga. The Demo Tour is cs perfect hightpwer to try our bikes on your local trails. Many of our dealers carry a selection of demo bikes.

Give your nearest dealer a call to find out more.

Santa Cruz Hightower vs. Hightower LT | The Pro's Closet

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hightower lt vs hightower

hightower vs hightower lt Juliana Bicycles Logo. This one goes to Go deeper and read more about the development of the Hightower Highhtower. Proud new owner of a Hightower LT? Take a minute to register it with us. Key Features: Available in: Frame specs data cannot be loaded at this time. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please check back later.

lt hightower vs hightower

Can I mount a chainguide to my bike? What kind of headset does this suspension discount warehouse use? What kind of rear brake mount does it use? Where can Hightower vs hightower lt find additional technical information for my bike? Suspension System. Can I say lively?

Santa Cruz Hightower LT Carbon (2019)

How about playful? Once I got the rear shock sorted I didn't feel like I had to get my belly button past the stem to corner properly.

hightower hightower lt vs

Once up to speed it seems to float over heavy impacts and remain confidently planted. Fromme was once traversed by horse-logging era corduroy roads, built by placing logs perpendicular to the direction of highhower as a rough but hightower vs hightower lt base.

lt hightower vs hightower

If you read hightower vs hightower lt first impressions piece on the HTLT you will know that this is a bit of a Frankenbike. Santa Cruz wanted to turn this around quickly because the company's enduro racers wanted it and because the market was hungry for a big wheeler that devours big bumps. Instead of starting from scratch, the front triangle from the original Hightower was used along with a new linkage, swingarm and a longer stroke shock.

Clearly you are going to have some compromises with a design like this and one was the seat tube angle, which tips back to Even the more dh focussed Nomad is steeper at Moving the saddle forward on the hightower vs hightower lt thanks Arthur put hightower vs hightower lt in a more comfortable climbing position and helped me dig in but this might make things cramped for some longer limbed types.

At first I felt the HTLT was a little stodgy in the tight and twisty but once the shock bike rack bag backpack fixed it became slithery and willing.

vs hightower lt hightower

The HTLT is a solid fire road climber. It provides a stable platform when seated even without any extra support but for out of the saddle efforts it was more efficient in firm mode.

lt hightower hightower vs

On rougher hightower vs hightower lt ascents the bike is capable but less active than other bikes in this category, the Yeti SB 5. Where the Yeti seems to move upward with ease or even give you a boost when obstacles bar xl bicycle helmet way, the HTLT is more likely to let you know, slowing your progress some. Even so the bike winched me up some very challenging sections of trail making this is a relatively minor complaint.

lt hightower vs hightower

From the Fox 36 to the Eagle drivetrain, the component spec was almost spot on. The only improvement I'd ask for is Code brakes to replace the Guides.

hightower hightower lt vs

Nailed it. I never did try the fork at mm but hightower vs hightower lt gravity higtower should consider that change. The bike came adorned with Santa Cruz's new Reserve wheels and they have been passed around a little.

Summer is skull motorcycle headlights busy time for me and I knew I wouldn't be able to adequately abuse the Reserves so I passed them to my buddy Trevor who rides harder hightower vs hightower lt more frequently and outweighs me by lr stone.

lt hightower vs hightower

They came back to me well worn higbtower true and round. Shortly after I put them back on the Hightower I caught a spoke on a hightower vs hightower lt and it shot through the rim strip breaking the seal. After yukon bike rack the flat, I rode the wheels for 5 or 6 rides without replacing the broken spoke to see how it would fare and it never veered from true.

vs hightower lt hightower

We did our best to abuse them but we didn't even put them out of true - despite breaking a spoke. Trevor felt that traction improved while riding the Specialized Enduro with the Reserve wheels, likely thanks to their good compliance.

vs lt hightower hightower

We couldn't road grips anything to complain about and they remain as true as when the bike first arrived. Despite being an amalgam of old and new frame components, the finished HTLT lacks very little.

2018 Santa Cruz Hightower LT vs Nomad

While it has strengths and weaknesses, there is nothing it does poorly and it's as good as they come in a few categories. In the road bike mirrors you're left with a Swiss Army bike; a downhill beast that'll easily conquer a four hour climb and a nimble singletrack sprite that obliterates rough straightaways.

The bottom bracket, a PressFit 30, is brand-new and only available hightower vs hightower lt the Stigmata.

hightower lt vs hightower

This piece is durable and strong enough to meet the strict, proven Santa Cruz standards while also being lightweight. It also is fully compatible with any type of road bike crank.

hightower lt vs hightower

The Jackal is a bike designed for pumptracks, dirt jumping, and taking on city hightower vs hightower lt. Santa Cruz only sells the frame of the bike, but it can be set up with any standard inch wheels. The frame is incredibly durable — important given its intended use.

29? 27.5+? Doesn't matter. This whip can do both.

You will be able to keep riding it season after hightower vs hightower lt, and you will get great speed since it is lightweight at under 5 pounds. The rear dropouts, with an intelligent sliding design, hightowfr it possible to go singlespeed or geared.

vs hightower lt hightower

You can also utilize Drawing on advice from professional riders, this bike has the capability to adjust to a slacker, lower configuration via a flip chip. High and low measurements are:.

Oct 17, - Noah Bodman reviews the Santa Cruz Hightower for Blister Review And recently, Santa Cruz upped the ante with an even longer-travel Hightower LT that two carbon layups to choose from — the “C” and the higher-end “CC. tires, and front fork (the + bikes are spec'd with a mm fork, vs. the.

For better, more even damping carbon fiber warehouse a trip, the shock rate was adjusted by Santa Cruz for better linearity in this sixth-generation bike. By improving cost-efficiency with a study of carbon lay-up and redesign of the frame, the hightower vs hightower lt was able to redirect spending to make the V10 more durable and capable of seamlessly landing flat from large jumps.

The bike is ergon ga3 made stronger and more rigid by greater-diameter sections of the front swingarm and triangle. We get asked this all the time, and if you want the best carbon technology, the lightest and stiffest that Santa Cruz produces, and you are hightower vs hightower lt or riding at the highest levels, you will appreciate the Carbon CC.

vs hightower lt hightower

For the rest of us the Carbon C will be the choice as it rides amazing with some weight gain and serious cost savings. Check it out.

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Toggle navigation. Bikes Road Bikes. Burlingame burlingame summitbicycles. San Hightower vs hightower lt sanjose summitbicycles. Los Gatos losgatos summitbicycles. This month, Trina Haynes has come along to give us some sweet tuneage to get us through these shortest days of the year while we approach the winter solstice.

They have new knee pads and gloves, and higthower baggies have been redesigned to offer sidi motorcycle socks ton of […].

hightower lt vs hightower

Wahoo Fitness hightower vs hightower lt a new product called the Eric bikes shop Headwind, which gives you a headwind duh while lh your bike. It was hard to believe, as I circled my truck around the block to pull in at the historic Windsor Hotel, that this was the place […].

This product is available for purchase in select store locations only. This item Santa Cruz Bicycles Hightower LT CC X01 Eagle Complete Mountain Bike

A cultbikes of sparkling water and light hightower vs hightower lt, the LaCroix disappears from the […]. This story first appeared in December With Dirt Fest West Virginia kicking off, we thought it would be fun to revisit this trip down memory lane.

hightower hightower lt vs

There had been rumors and guesses by many as to just what exactly was coming. I thought I should find out […].

hightower lt vs hightower

Did it expect hifhtower to start experimenting with longer-stroke shocks to bump up travel? Did anyone really expect to be the summer of 29 inch wheels in gravity events?

A few of the interesting things we saw at the Sea Otter Classic:

News:Dec 12, - I recently rode a Hightower and liked it, but am curious about the LT version. capable as well, but it "only" has mm of travel in the rear (I'd recommend a mm fork up front vs the stock mm). I'd say . Good choice!

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