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How to get waterstrider mount - Everything we know so far about Mount Equipment in patch

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Guide to wow garrison mount: Crimson Water Strider

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Traveler's Tundra Mammoth. So the Travelers Tundra Mammoth will be more accessible to the general player waterstrjder. That's the lot, when talking about special WoW mounts. I hope cn hg40 learned something new and be sure to comment, if we forgot something, and let us know if you would like to see more content on World of Warcraft!

Reins of the Azure Water Strider

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I would imagine it would need to decrease your hit chance. But I digress. Nerfing Water Strider? I am against it.

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Theyre giving free eqpt to how to get waterstrider mount it do what it did before, no harm no foul. Will it diminish its usefulness since the mount equipment slot is taken already to get it back to normal?

Does it make a lot of sense to take the 'water striding' away from a water strider? I'm indifferent with this change it's not like the current BFA maps 'require' specific types watefstrider mounts Like in GW2 to excess certain areas of the map.

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I was always too lazy to grind this mount - since I absolutely despise any activity in or around the garrison. I guess water will play a massive role in the zones launching with 8. Finally I can slap the water walking equipment on a two how to get waterstrider mount mount just as I dreamed for years!

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Or maybe I could equip it on my Yo how to get waterstrider mount I mean it's an unnecessary feature because we have a water rosas shoes. Everyone who like to waterwalk can "buy" it in one tw-week. If think i dont care other equipments. It's awkward to put shoes on my mount. This is what i meant But as waterstriider said, for me it doesn't matter.

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There is no downside on this. It's just something…. So what I'm getting here is the winning strategy will be waterwalking equipment on the sky waterstriser so you can also herb.

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Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Strider owners automatically get one of equipment to add it to any mount even the strider for free.

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You can have this. Strider owners automatically get one of water walking equipment to add it to any mount even the strider for free. With this system you can equip any equipment to your favorite mounts like the fox, a parachute, water walking, etc….

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If you decide not how to get waterstrider mount replace the free item you will get from the mailbox absolutely nothing will change for you. Seriously, every one of my characters but two has the strider on their action bar because of its ability - the two that kenda cross tires are a shaman and my main which has the Legion fishing pole.

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It's not a "fun choice", the strider is simply clearly superior to anything that doesn't have water walking. More topics from this board Looking for tips, hints to battle. Keep me logged in on this device.

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Forgot your username or password? ShiningForceX ShiningForceX 2 weeks ago 1 Next patch is going to make all mounts capable of water walking, taking away the unique character of the water strider.

Feels like anything that has to be earned is getting replaced with "Here you go.

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OccamUnshaved OccamUnshaved 2 weeks ago 4 You're complaining about the wrong thing, imo. CrusaderEsper CrusaderEsper 2 weeks ago 5 Waterstridrr I bet you none of them will work on a druid in travel form.

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Anacrusys Anacrusys 2 weeks ago 7 There was a long thread on the WoW forum and almost everyone was excited about this mount equipment including me.

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News:Dec 17, - As we all know, crimson water strider is a mount that have water When you are at level, you have to choose the catch mode so that you.

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