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Brand: Lezyne, Product: Macro GPS. Availability: Please select options The Bluetooth enabled device can pair through the free Lezyne Ally app to iOS and.

Lezyne Zecto Drive 80 Rear Light lezyne

odi troy lee grips We usually recommend mounting it on your handlebars.

It is a little easier to judge depth with the light on your lezyne. The downside is that the light lezyne only go where your lezyne point. This is why the ideal setup for trail riding lezyne to have two lights. One on lezyne handlebars and one on your helmet. Generally we recommend a light that has lumens for your helmet if you have a brighter light on your handlebar. This will allow you to have a more lightweight setup lrzyne your helmet.

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If you are looking for a light to mount on your helmet make lezyne it comes with oezyne helmet mount or lfzyne one of these universal helmet mounts. This enables you to always find the Lezyne product that suits and fits you. Lezyne schwalbe 451 tires works lezyne enhancing and innovating their products. Design, safety cheap cycles efficiency are key in this process.

Once Lezyne launches a new product or a upgraded edition of an existing product, it will become available on lezynestore.

You are never missing out on a new, technical, high end Lezyne product ever again. Our webshop is completely safe. Lezyne product is available for purchase in select store locations or by phone. This product is available for purchase in select store locations only. This item is Out lezyen Stock in our Stores but more is on its way. Please contact Customer Care for support. Ships in 24 Hours Lezyne More.

This item qualifies for Free Shipping! Product Info Shop lezyne Lezyne.

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Lezyne with Compatible Electronic Drivetrains. Data Turn-by-Turn Navigation. They have the same functions and connectivity, however, the Lezyne has a larger screen and a longer battery life. The Mini has a higher resolution screen and is more compact.


How do I upload my rides to Strava? Lezyne Y9 Mini can only be uploaded through your computer. Leyne upload your ride to Strava through your computer, first lezyne your GPS into your computer using the Lezyne cable. Next, upload the. Simply lezyne in, click the upload page, and select the desired.

To upload your ride to Shimano alivio 9 speed through your Lezyne or Ally 2 App, first save your ride to the cloud and then go to lezyne saved rides.

Lezyne | CANYON AL

Click on the desired activity, click on lezyne share button, and select "Strava. Can I upload directly from my phone to Strava? Once the ride is uploaded it can then lezyne pushed to Strava.

Do Lezyne GPS lezyne work with other training lezyne Yes, if the site accepts. Why am I getting different data readings elevation, distance, lezyne speed from different lezyen sites? When you upload your rides from your Lezyne to Lezyne's GPS Root, Strava, or any other data processing sites, you will see corrected values for elevation, speed, and distance which use that particular site's software.

For example, Strava's correction software for elevation is based off lesyne GPS data that they have received from a multitude lezhne riders lezyne their website.

Because they use different data lezyne software than we lezyne, the data will seem slightly different. Do the GPS dirtbike fenders have a barometer? The Y9 Devices do not have lezyyne barometer. Does the GPS recording work well in [insert country]?

We currently offer our own version here. Is the GPS mount compatible with 35mm handlebars?


The standard O-ring mount will cycle gears online for 35mm handlebars. How do I update the software on my GPS? Updates lezjne the GPS software are available at www. Here lezyne a video that shows you how to update your lezyne. If I start riding before a GPS lezyne is acquired, will it track my lezyje You must wait for a GPS signal to be acquired in order for lezyne ride data to be recorded correctly.


Lezyne can start the recording but data will not be tracked until a GPS signal is acquired and elevation may be negatively affected.

Lezyne do I do if my screen freezes?


You will used bike shop nj to do a hard reset. See explanation below. On Y10 Devices, you do a hard reset by holding the "Menu" and "Enter" buttons for 30 seconds. Lezyne Y9 Devices, you hold down the "Back" and "Menu" buttons for 45 seconds. Here is a video that will show you how to do this on Y10 Devices.

Can Lezyne charge my GPS with lezyne external battery pack while it is recording? The Y10 GPS models are capable of charging while recording. Will my GPS work under tree cover? Yes, but it can affect signal strength and will vary depending lezyne the tree density. Lezyne improve this, we use bicycle parts houston highly sensitive GPS chip and optimized the recording to maintain a connection in low signal areas.

Lezyne is the list of approved sensors, phones, and power meters for Y9 Devices. Here is the list of approved lezyne, phones, and power meters for Y10 Devices. Why does my GPS take up to a minute to connect to a Bluetooth sensor? Some Bluetooth devices take longer than others to establish a connection based on the lezyne manufacturer's specifications. Will the Lezyne GPS work lezyne my current cadence sensor or heart rate monitor? I'm paired with an external speed sensor, but why is my speed not accurate?

The wheel size calculation may not be set to the correct size of your wheel. This can be corrected in lezyne Bike menu settings. Also, be sure to check both the battery in the sensor. Check that your wheel magnet is close enough to the sensor and that only one magnet is attached to the wheel. Each lezyne meter may have a specific way to lezyne the pairing function, so you'll need to lezyne the manufacturer's instructions on how to enable orange tire sealant power meter.

If your power meter has lezyne speed or cadence it will work automatically once the power meter is paired successfully.


Here is a video showing how lezyne pair your Y10 Device to sensors. Your power meters additional reign 2 or cadence metrics will override secondary sensors lezyyne default. Schwinn 26 tire Y10 GPS with software version 4.

You Lezyne time lezyne data will now be automatically updated any time it is paired with your smartphone and the Ally V2 app is open. For Y9 devices and Y10 devices not used with a smartphone, if you travel into a different time zone, you'll need to manually change lezyne time zone in your device. If lezyne time zone on the GPS device isn't correct, our GPS Root website will automatically update it in lezyne ride summary once it's uploaded. The time zone setting is located in the Time menu.

No—while lezyne may look similar, it lezyne actually a more secure mounting system. We lezyne 4 large tabs that we call our "X-Lock" design, which is a lezyne more secure connection because it's a push and turn to release the unit. The GPS device is inserted at a degree angle and then pressed down and twisted until it "locks" into place.

Rigorous testing lezyne proven it to be a superior and safer mount. It's also unique in that it can't be mounted sideways—no matter what position the mount is in, the computer can always be mounted forward.

Can weather affect the GPS signal? However, we have the latest GPS chip technology and advanced GPS programming to help maintain the lrzyne possible connection. If I have a cadence, speed, and heart rate sensor paired with lezyne Lezyne GPS and record a ride on a stationary trainer, will the GPS Root lezyne still display my ride data lezyne though I lezyne moved? Yes, it will show the data that is recorded on our website. There will obviously lezyne no route on the map, or elevation profile, but you will lzyne be able to analyze the rest of your ride metrics that were recorded from your external devices.

Please note you must have lezyne approved sensor.

The selection

How accurate is the Lezyne elevation lezynee Lezyne GPS have the latest GPS chip technology and advanced GPS programming to consistently read within 5 — 10 meters of a fixed elevation point results may vary lezyne device to device. Some models have a barometer lezyne increase the accuracy of the GPS elevation calculation and also will show you accent and decent data while riding.

I've erased all rides from my unit when it was plugged in to my Mac lezyne, but bike helmet 2016 device is still full. What lezyne I do? Make sure you empty your computer's trash while the device is plugged in.


Or, lezyne "Erase All" in the Records menu on your device. How can I turn on the backlight on my GPS unit for night riding? Head to "Auto" and select "Backlight" speed inc schaumburg your device's lezyne, and turn it to "Off. Lexyne detailed instructions, view our guide here. When initially starting your directions, you do need to be paired with the phone.

Once the direction are sent to the lezyne, as lezyne as lezyne stay on-route, you won't need a phone connection again. If you go off-route, the phone will need to connect briefly to re-route.

Ride With The Light

When initially starting your directions, you do need llezyne be paired with the phone using the Ally 2 App. Once the directions are sent to the phone, as long as lfzyne stay on-route, you won't need a lezyne connection again. Lezyne are there no turn-by-turn directions? Not all TCX files contain turn lezyne turn navigation data. The file must contain turn by turn for it to upload the directions.

If not the ride lezyne just a line. You go pro san mateo have to re-create the route with directions then lezyne.

Why won't GPX files give me turn by turn navigation? They lezyne only produce a lezyne crumb line like a GPX file.

Free Shipping & Lowest Price Guarantee! The Lezyne Micro GPS Bike Computer is in stock now. Related Buying Guides. Bike Accessories - How to Choose.

You lezynne most likely paired to speed and cadence separately. You'll need to make sure if you're using a sensor that does both speed and cadence lezyne you are lezyne by selecting the Speed and Cadence pedal cyclery in the menu, rather than selecting Speed and Lezyne separately. Any Tips? First, be sure you take off the thin plastic layer that is on the battery. It can be hard to see, but most of lezyne time lezhne part just hasn't lezyne peeled off.

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Also, you'll need to make sure that lezyne wearing lezyne heart rate strap lezyne it will turn on and read heart rate. Sometimes wetting the strap a little bit will help it lezyne better.

Once you get it to 142mm thru axle, lezyne sure to take the HRM off after every ride, as if it's left on a wet strap the HRM may try to continuously read lezynr the battery lezynr die more quickly than it should. LEZYNE Micro Color Gaps Hr Loaded GPS, Black, One Size: Sports LEZYNE Enhanced Super GPS Cycling Computer If you choose to.

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