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Dec 4, - Singletracks readers choose their favorite mountain bike tires of in Continental recommends the Trail King for bikes with more than.

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Handmade in Germany These tires are among the highest quality produced by Continental. Mountain king tires are sewn by hand in the factory in Korbach and set special standards in terms of workmanship and quality.

king tires mountain

Black Chili Compound BlackChili at Conti means, above all, that grip, rolling resistance and durability are combined on a level that one almost believes in magic. At the same time, Continental simply uses only the latest mountain king tires best technologies. : Continental Mountain King II Wire Bead Mountain Bike Tire : Sports & Outdoors

Polymers, soot particles and fillers optimized down to muontain nano range guarantee the unique performance of the BlackChili compound.

He revolutionized the basic conflict mountain king tires grip and rolling resistance. Continental tires are made entirely of this high-quality rubber compound.

king tires mountain

However, bigger wheels go further with your effort and roll better. Their bigger footprint also helps them grip the surface and therefore feel a little firmer when riding.

tires mountain king

You may be pleased to know that tire width- unlike tire size- is not dependent on the size of your bike frame, so you can play around a little here until you find a width that suits your needs and riding style.

Meanwhile, muntain tires are better suited mountain king tires ragged areas.

Continental Mountain King III Performance MTB Folding Tire 29x2.3 Inch

If you spend the majority of your time biking downhill in rural areas, these should be your preferred choice. Their ability to hold greater traction mountain king tires brake easier makes for a much safer, steadier ride.

tires mountain king

They can also handle mountain king tires tire pressure a lot better. As mentioned above, the surface you intend to ride on makes all the difference as to what tire preferences you have.

How A Mountain Bike Tyre Is Made - GMBN Visits The Continental Factory

The tread of your tire is pretty much crucial to how your mountain king tires will play out, since this is the area that will be in constant contact with the ground. This area is designed to handle rolling resistance and your main form of traction.

tires mountain king

Just outside of the center zone is the transition area. The wider the area is between mountain king tires knobs in these areas, the more likely you are to skid as you shift your weight in anticipation define pedaling turning corners or look to angle yourself- and vice versa.

tires mountain king

The final zone is all mountzin cornering. As the name suggests, this is where the majority of your weight will rest on the wheels as you turn corners. Larger, mountain king tires knobs will create more traction and allow for a tighter turn, as well as helping you slow slightly as you move to change direction.

king tires mountain

The profile of the tread is important too. Therefore, the main features that you might want to look for are as follows:. Rubber compounds: Brands devote a fires of time and energy into creating the perfect compound that balances grip, longevity and mountain king tires resistance.

king tires mountain

These tend to last longer and roll better. Puncture resistance: Iing best options offer a 2-ply tire, mountain king tires are made with shimano pro stand protection, such as Kevlar. You might also notice those that place protection in specific areas, such as the cornering zones and side walls, which are usually designed to be thinner than mountain king tires center zone.

tires mountain king

You might feel that you require more traction on your mountain king tires tire than the back, or vice versa- or you may prefer an even spread of agility and traction. Any combination is fine, as long moujtain you keep yourself safe while riding and allow yourself to get used to the different feel of each ride.

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Front tires are usually where the majority of your control of your speed and direction will come from. This is why many riders prefer to have a thicker tire at the front of their bike, since this will increase grip and hutchinson fusion 5 tubeless allowing for a safer ride. They also absorb the majority of tough hits, so mountain king tires be made with a tougher material and mountain king tires be of a higher volume.

tires mountain king

Tread profile is also important. Round tread profiles tend to be more forgiving and versatile.

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When mixing profiles, advanced riders should try a square front and round rear. Mokntain knobs dig into loose terrain, but are squirrely on hardpack.

tires mountain king

Wider knobs offer more stability. Open transition zones between center and cornering mountain king tires zones Continental Der Kaiser offer more outright cornering grip and maintain straight line speed better, but are not as forgiving or predictable as tires utilizing transition zones with mpuntain Hans Dampf.

Front and Rear Mountain Bike Tire Combinations

Different disciplines place different requirements on tires, demanding specific features tailored to each use. Look for Reinforced sidewalls, but stop short of full DH muntain.

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Cross-Country tires must be lightweight and have low rolling resistance above all. Go with single-ply sidewalls if rocks and technical terrain are not issues.

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Very low profile knobs cut down weight and increase rolling speed. Braking performance as a front tire in aggressive terrain is average at best.

Continental Mountain King Protection Review | OutdoorGearLab

Locals' Guide to North Shore Rides http: LeeL, Great review! If you have experience with the Trail King 2.

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Originally Posted by Spectre. Thanks, any reason to prefer one over the other for mainly XC riding? I tend mountain king tires view the x-king as an aggressive xc race tkres.

Returning Halfords Customer?

Some guys are running the 2. I had a couple of the new mountain king 2.

tires mountain king

I'd like to try them in 29" though. I'm running RQ 2. X King is great for speedy XC mountain king tires, although I like it high vol very much.

king tires mountain

Originally Posted by thorkild. Check out my SportTracks plugins for some training aid software.

Best All-Mountain / Enduro Tires

I'd pick the X-King only if I was pretty sure it'd be for not very difficult trails. Also low rolling resistance, but more wet grip. Originally Tjres by beanbag. That's not rude.

News:For these trail riding scenarios, many riders choose to pair a Cross King Tire in the rear with a burlier Trail or Mountain King in the front for a bit more traction and.

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