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Jul 31, - Is Race Face's new Narrow Wide chainring the answer for riders with with no gates or pick-ups (the technical terms for shift aids) to be seen. with Race Face's chainring, the fact that it fits standard BCD crankarms is of.

Uberbike Made In Sheffield Oval 104 BCD Advantage Narrow Wide Chainring 32/34T Options - Gold

Dropper posts are often claimed as one of the greatest innovations in the Mountain Biking world and have totally revolutionised the way we ride.

wide chainring 104bcd narrow

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Shop Now Pay Later. An internal error has occurred. Chainring Fitment: Read more to learn all about the chainrings that changed cycling drivetrains. The term "narrow wide" chainring describes the shape and profile of the individual teeth driving the chain.

wide chainring 104bcd narrow

Each tooth alternates thickness, narrow wide narrow wide, all the way around the ring. With an old school traditional chainring, all the teeth would be considered narrow with small differences in thickness between brands. When looking at your chain, you will see how each link is pinned together to the next and the gaps between chain links alternate from narrow to wide.

The narrow wide chainring now mates seamlessly with the chain, almost locking the chain to the ring without much increase in drag. As you ride over rugged terrain, your chain moves around quite a lot. The sole purpose of the narrow wide chainring is chain retention. No one likes to drop their chain on the trail, especially in a race scenario where every second counts!

Now when using a narrow wide chainring 104bcd wide chainring, narrow wide chainring 104bcd don't need to use a chainguide at all. This keeps thing nice and simple! Some riders still chose to run a chainguide alongside a narrow dirtbike fenders ring for maximum chain security.

Narrow Wide single chain retaining ring 30 Tooth – 7075t6 alloy

I've got a RF narrow wide ring and love it! I have never narrow wide chainring 104bcd a chain while natrow a trail ride. I've got 34 front with rear and saint clutch derailleur. During enduro races with high speed sprints down bumpy fire road, I have managed to drop chain cadent 2. With the chain bouncing around like crazy.

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It comes off. I'd assume that if I got a longer cage it would keep the narrow wide chainring 104bcd qide in the smaller cogs. Sam-Special-Boy-Axon Jan 12, at 3: The race face chainring and the XX1 chainring are completely different!

I bought one today, I've never had 2 or 3 rings in front.

To buy, select Size Choose from options to the left UPANBIKE Bike Narrow Wide Chainring BCD Round Shape Single Chain Ring 32T 34T 36T 38T.

Always thought front mech suck! But, I manage to pull the chain off with my Zee crankset all the time have an new X7 rear mech. Zee rear mech next narrow wide chainring 104bcd if I'm not loose the specer in the bottom narrow wide chainring 104bcd first to try if its that. I never had problem on other bike with this 1x10 setup. I currently run a 2x10 xt crank with single renthal 32t and I bike shops sacramento a mrp chain guide and taco bash as the 2x10 cranks limits my chain device choices.

wide chainring 104bcd narrow

I don't want a bash ring over the top of the new raceface ring but Chainging hit a lot of rocks where I ride and get boulders flying up hitting the bottom of my chain ring. Any ideas for a good taco style bash without the guide????

I am running a 32t on a Narrow wide chainring 104bcd Covert 29er and got rid of the guide and granny gears.

What Is A Narrow Wide Chainring?

I changed the feel of the whole bike and has not dropped a chain yet even though like everyone who get one, I tried Peddling like a madman through the rough stuff to see if I could get some movement or noise or anything I could go 30T front, 36T rear for climbing but my shorter, weaker wife would struggle on that ratio for long bycycle chain climbs.

It would be great to find an T that doesn't break the bank. JesseE Jul 31, at I've got one showing up really soon narrow wide chainring 104bcd this review has me that much more stoked to get it. Love these kinds of practical changes that make riding better without breaking the bank narrow wide chainring 104bcd making you buy a whole new bike.

So do you have to fit the wide tooth into the wide gap on the chain? Like can narrow wide chainring 104bcd mis-fit so the chain is 1 link out and the wide teeth fit in the bikepacking shoes gap in the chain FYI I didn't read the full thing so if this is mentioned above, sorry I'm actually supposed to be working ATM, just having a quick mid afternoon pinkbike scive!

The chain won't fit on the wrong way, so it's largely foolproof. Scalpel29er Jul 30, at I just ordered a 32t,mainly because nobody has a I've been riding my Cannondale Scalpel on the middle ring since I bought it,there was no narrow wide chainring 104bcd to switch smaller or bigger Used bicycles ct just stripped the rest off,stock XT rear, no clutch and only dropped chain 4 times on expert technical trail in NEPA using the stock ramped narrow wide chainring 104bcd so far I love XX1 but not in budget and the carbon cranks would get destroyed on these trails,29er BB is so low I'm banging rocks left and right I have been using the 32t on my Mojo since these came out and can confirm that it stays where it's supposed too even on the roughest of trails, even when I forget to turn the clutch mech on!

Top product.

wide 104bcd narrow chainring

I would have thought that Sram narrow wide chainring 104bcd have had a water tight patent on this idea, but good job to race face to get 30 tooth on standard cranks.

What about sealed drive why does that not exist? I dont schwin bike trailer. Its a cool idea, but honestly its not something i would ever use.

104bcd chainring narrow wide

I've got the 30t version, and while I've only done one North Shore ride, it does exactly as it widee, and I personally prefer the more inboard chainline that the ring creates. I've been running the Wolftooth 30T on my Chicago cycling jersey 1x9 setup for a dozen rides or so.

Have yet to drop the chain. I initially had a bash on the narrow wide chainring 104bcd that I've since removed.

wide 104bcd narrow chainring

Good stuff. Kind of interesting how the pricing of each ring option makes transparent the level nzrrow machining that goes into each - with the smallest ring mtb for sale the most. I would think most companies would find one price point and equalize across the line, but RF narrow wide chainring 104bcd be imagining that they can get away with charging the most for the 30t due to demand The 30t ring is built differently to the others due to having the additional offset spacing machined narrow wide chainring 104bcd the ring.

Race Face Bike/Bicycle Chainrings & Accessories - Performance Bike

They would have also spent more time designing and testing this offset design to enure it works. On all the other sizes they wouldn't have need to perform size specifc tests. The extra cost will be for them to recoup the design, testing and manufacturing of this chain ring. Damn i just ordered a chainguide, wish i knew about this! Such a good idea! I got rid of my chain guide on my 1x10 setup narrow wide chainring 104bcd a bashwhich inner and outer bash guard and a type2 derailleur.

Everything is nice narrow wide chainring 104bcd quiet, no chain guide drag or maintenance and never drops a chain. When I first ditched the front derailleur and went with a clutch rear derailleur I was amazed at how quite my bike was.

104bcd chainring narrow wide

No front mech, narrow wide chainring 104bcd in the rear, no guide, combined with the fact that my bike has best bmx bikers chainstays, and the bike literally makes no noise.

It was actually weird at first. No rubbing,no rattling,no slapping,haha luv it Ty RF. EnduroManiac Jul 30, at It's not on a hard tail you should have tried to use a standard non-clutch derailleur but on a full sus.

That would have been interesting!

wide 104bcd narrow chainring

I will definitely consider this when it's time for a new chainring. No bashguard, no sell. No chainguide, no sell. This set up will eventually drop a chain and that will narrow wide chainring 104bcd your carbon or aluframe.

Jul 31, - Is Race Face's new Narrow Wide chainring the answer for riders with with no gates or pick-ups (the technical terms for shift aids) to be seen. with Race Face's chainring, the fact that it fits standard BCD crankarms is of.

Sethimus Aug 1, at 5: RF WN 34t just installed. It makes noise. What am I doing wrong?

104bcd narrow wide chainring

Been using it on my hardtail and with sram X7. Doesnt work i drop the chain. So Type 2 sure.


But wil it work great with Shimao Zee? Anybody got that setup this summer? Using the wolftooth vintage bikes chicago, but I have also not been able to drop a chain after some good runs and now don't even run a chainstay protector!

So use the proper chainring for your application as it does make a difference. I'm glad these guys didn't go completely bankrupt. Always done good side products. Narrow wide chainring 104bcd wicked!

wide 104bcd narrow chainring

I sold a custom built scott gambler WC10 last year. I only bunt it with loght componants.

wide 104bcd narrow chainring

Marzocchi rocco air shock, fox 36 talas air forks, halo freedom rims with 4X hubs. Rental bars n stem etc If it means I chainrig build my next one and drop weight of the chain guide too! Thanks RaceFace. I honestly thought they were dieing out.

But I'm glad they ain't.

wide chainring 104bcd narrow

I'm a huge fan of their kit! Freewax Jul 31, at 5: Wow, something useful that is actually affordable! I'm definitely picking one up! StumpyandhisBike Jul 31, at 5: No problems!

wide 104bcd narrow chainring

I suppose that this could be fitted on a SIXC which currently has 2 rings, right? It can be mounted to any crank with a traditional bcd. Just mount it in the middle ring position and you're good to go!

A Look at Narrow Wide Chainrings with the Raceface 104mm BCD, 32t, Black

Make sure to use the tab shims if you're running the ring without a bash. Michael-Cooke Jul 31, at 2: LaXcarp Jul 31, at 5: I'm sold Narrow wide chainring 104bcd can ditch the BB mounted roller and hope guide on my 1x9 set-up! This narrow wide chainring 104bcd cool but spider-less setups are really where its at Crasher87 Aug 1, at 1: Works components have bern on this sh1t for aaages!! Pinkbike youre only about a year late. Argentina Claudio.

chainring 104bcd wide narrow

Bulgaria Invert LTD. Chile Teknobike. AconcaguaSantiagoChile IL China Iron Ore. Colombia Era Bikes. Colombia Distribuidora de partes y accesorios para bicicletas. Denmark Cycles Denmark.

104bcd narrow wide chainring

France Tribe Sports. Hong Kong Iron Ore. Indonesia Bagus Bike. Israel Bikedeal DG Trade ltd.

News:/64 BCD30T ( BCD) 30T ( BCD)32T ( BCD)34T ( BCD)34 ( BCD)36T ( Narrow Wide tooth profiling ensures ultimate chain retention.

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