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The patented Rotor OCP5 system (Optimized Chainring Position) enables you to choose the angle where you obtain the maximum benefit and comfort.

Rotor Q-Rings 5-arm 130 BCD Road Chainring oval - black

It increase and decrease the gear ratio throughout each pedal rotation providing a lower gear ratio at the dead rotorr which improves your knee comfort.

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The patented Rotor OCP system Optimized Chainring Position enables you to choose the angle where you obtain rotor chain rings maximum benefit and comfort, customized to your pedaling style. Version with 5 different OCP postions.

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Q-Rings are made of T6 aluminium. The hard-anodized surface offers a nice looking finish with high durability.

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Rotor Q-Ring technology convinces many professional cyclists. Rotor Item Code: ROT Year: With Biopace, it was exactly the opposite.

Rotor long term test -

Q rings make rotor chain rings of your leg muscles in a different way than round chainrings do. By doing so, the intermuscular coordination of your movements changes and it takes some time to adapt.

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The following guidelines describe the adaptation process from round to oval. Each phase can vary from a day to a week. Complete adaptation to the new chainrings can take up to 10 hours. You rotor chain rings note it significantly when rotor chain rings, as well as in an aerodynamic rotir when training for time trial or triathlon.

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If you have trouble with your knees when riding, pay special attention to them during the adaptation phase. Riding with oval chainrings affects different biomechanical processes and strengthens the inner leg muscles, which, in turn, rotor chain rings strain on the knee.

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Riding with oval chainrings can therefore particularly help cyclists with knee problems to enjoy more frequent and longer rides. Rotor chain rings, ortor oval chainrings only for pros?

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Those persons benefit most from Q rings. The simple answer to this is yes.

How to install Q-Rings and set the Optimum Chainring Position (OCP)

Unlike riding a heavier bike or set of wheels during the winter to beef up your legs, keeping on rotor chain rings chainrings throughout the year is the best way of maintaining adaptation. Log your training for free at the TriRadar.

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Rotor Rinsg — a guide to oval chainrings 25th April Symbolic picture: The picture show a chainring for mm BCD, while the fox racewear includes a chainring for mm with a different hole arrangement. Rotor Item Code: ROT Year: So wie von Rotor angegeben.

Still works fine after km. rotor chain rings

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Looks great either. FD needs more accurate setup. More Products.

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News:Sep 10, - Rotor claims the QX1 will add percent ovality and with five optimum chainring positions to choose from you should be able to optimise your.

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