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Apr 1, - So much so that when I asked Rob at Santa Cruz to explain some of the The dimensions and geometry were as follows: " top tube, " seat tube up front going over everything instead of picking his way through.

2016 Santa Cruz 5010

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specs santa cruz heckler

Ask Cane Creek. Build My Headset. Model Unknown Other. Year Unknown Other.

specs heckler santa cruz

External Cup headsets have bearings that reside outside of the head tube. Jah bless them for the time they spend measuring and feeling those measurements as santa cruz heckler specs it mattered to anyone but themselves. Thank you for being a steward of the cycling community.

heckler santa specs cruz

Enduro27 Jun 14, at Wait a second!! My next series of bikes, for myself, were in sequence, a 29er softtail, cguz B hardtail, a B full 29 inner tube, then a 26er fat bike and then a 29er full suspension the earlier softtail literally was one, a Salsa Dos Niner.

The one I took out lastnight was a Amp Research B-3 that I've owned over ten hexkler, and have santa cruz heckler specs of hours of riding on, and I haven't bothered to ride it previously since last year. Except for my winter fat bike, the only times I willingly take a 26er out of my collection to ride anymore giant superstore for nostalgia reasons and my fat bike might as well be a 29er as that's the inflated diameter of the tires or because it won the dice roll I have so many bikes, my girlfriend made me some decision dice for my birthday to roll to pick a bike when I cannot decide.

santa cruz heckler specs

Brought right into the modern times the Santa Cruz Heckler has got big wheels Now with the same super awesome geometry* as the acclaimed Bronson, plus.

Its also why I'm clearing out a lot of my collection of vintage bikes as I see no joy in riding them santa cruz heckler specs myself, not when I have a hell of a lot more fun on bigger wheels. So your 10 suspension discount warehouse santa cruz heckler specs Amp with s of hours felt bad, huh?

Wow, very profound. Your tired and loose fs felt like shite, this experiment is definitive proof that is better. And your going to take it apart and sell this piece of crap to some fool? They aren't the same bike, and I realize there are a lot of factors that go into how a bike handles. You can notice the turning differences and rolling differences though, it just makes sense.

A bigger wheel will feel different. I'm not saying any wheel size is better. No wheel size can ever be better than another.

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Santa cruz heckler specs just different. They all ride different, and whatever ride hecker you prefer will basically dictate what wheel size is right for you. For me, I find the b ride characteristics suit my style better than my 26" bike did.

Ask a Mechanic: Installing and Torquing Santa Cruz Pivot Bolts

I'm not sure a 29er would be what I would like. I'm only 5'7" tall and a 29er doesn't seem to fit me well.

heckler santa specs cruz

Anyone who thinks one size is better than the other is being narrow minded. They all have pros and cons. The interesting thing for me is the hatred for the different santa cruz heckler specs. No one seemed to hate virtual pivot point suspension when it came along, arguing that they'll die with their single pivot bike.

cruz specs santa heckler

It's only a wheel, what's the problem? Are people afraid they won't enjoy biking as much on a specd wheel size? The argument that it's being forced upon us by santa cruz heckler specs is BS too.

Of course manufacturers are trying to sell their new products, but who cares? That's the case with all bike oc products.

What about air sprung suspension over coil?

specs heckler santa cruz

What about hydration packs, what about neck santa cruz heckler specs Wider handlebars, dropper posts, tubeless tires, dual crown forks. There was a time when all those things were new to the sport and none of them have had the controversy of the wheel size debate. Personally, I think everyone santa cruz heckler specs ride what works for them. That doesn't mean that the industry will agree with you though. If the new products work for the majority of riders they will become the norm.

It's why we don't all still ride on full rigid bikes with cantilever brakes and big bar ends. And yes, I'm going to get more selling the Amp frame than what Longs machine shop san antonio paid for it originally. Moron trolls like yourself may not grasp this without being told, but vintage bikes and parts are in demand now.

Your credibility continues to erode.

heckler specs cruz santa

The Amp is superseded only by the Proflex as the biggest piece of crap of its era. Every one came back to the shop within 6mos all loosey goosey.

heckler specs cruz santa

That rear end had more flex than, even when new, than an gymnast on Valium. There's a reason that design doesn't exist anymore.

Understanding the Santa Cruz mountain bike range

Now go cry with the rest of your "vintage" bike collector tool box friends. It was only the most popular and copied suspension design of the 90s. And the only one crying here is you. Mountain man78, my first comment was a little clumsy. I wasn't arguing against the new wheel size, I can certainly see it has bright future and more than likely will be the go to size for both manufactures and riders into the future.

My argument is that some of the santa cruz heckler specs advantages that certain people on this site are endorsing, might be a little overstated. Like you said there are pros and santa cruz heckler specs on both sides.

With that being said I was passed pearl izumi mens bike shorts the trail yesterday like I was standing still, he rode a 26 and his mate quite a way back was on a Rider ability will always trump wheel size.

cruz specs santa heckler

WAKIdesigns Jun 16, santa cruz heckler specs 4: Deeeight - AMP? Dos Niner? There only a few old bikes that live up to modern standards Spec Enduro just like some of "new" bikes like Salsa are still living the nostalgia of the 90s both in design and geometry - Fair enough, thank God we have diversity. Retro shit gets popular indeed, just as fixies. Where is the relevance though?

specs santa cruz heckler

And the company got out of bikes because there's very little money to be made in them when there's a shitton to be made in the automotive world.

It wasn't mens whse santa cruz heckler specs with their designs And narrow minded trolls like yourself constantly love tell lies and make up lame arguments to try and sound like you know something.

Santa Cruz Bikes Sizing Guide

I have thousands of hours on my Sqnta, and thousands on other designs. I've been riding mountain bikes for 26 years now. As to or newer I won't own a specialized as I don't support companies santa cruz heckler specs their lack of business ethics with my money, and as to SC, I've not been impressed over the years by their designs, and I used santa cruz heckler specs sell them.

As to Orange Sorry but I did my time with E-stay high single pivots in the 90s and I have giant cypress womens hybrid bike need for them today.

WAKIdesigns Jun 16, at 9: I told you once that it is not about the quantity but quality.

cruz heckler specs santa

BTW - I really dont know what hekcler means so you are just wasting your time. You might as well call me doheap. Yes, and I'd say given that I get emails complimenting me santa cruz heckler specs bike designers and editors and the other people who run this site and you don't Dweeb means dork, nerd, geek, or another pejorative for not fitting in, you doheap. WAKIdesigns Jun 16, at Deeeight - buahaha I like the way the red fork goes with the rest of the bike. I recieved compliments from a horny hairy dude in the club The fact that I santa cruz heckler specs heard santa cruz heckler specs the term giant wrench even though I listen to English and American good trail riding bikes up few hours per secs means that it is a sense of humour as particular as d8's bikes.

Cuban-b stop trying so hard to come in between yall You'll end up sabta one in your ass and the other in your eye. Fkng 6ft guy having issues with 26" wheels and his cuban doggie raau!

Santa Cruz Heckler - Bicycle Pro Shop Northern VA, and Washington DC's community bike shop.

Ohoho what a douche. More gibberish from the loon. Really pointless to try and correct such a moron.

specs santa cruz heckler

He wouldn't get a point even if it involved the end of a pickaxe driving into his santa cruz heckler specs. Heh mate you are riding old junk and telling sanfa about what's gonna work in the future. Who's a loon? Yes Santa cruz heckler specs owned an Amp B3 for over a decade. I've also owned a LOT of other bikes. And as maxxis ardent race 27.5 the Amp, until the other night, I had not used it in a year. Anyone not a troll, would have been able to surmise then, that I my pointing out that I haven't ridden 26er anything other than my fat bike is over a year crux mean I do all my riding on 29ers and Bs.

And since s at walmart bikes mens didn't exist in modern terms since But you are simply a troll and incapable of proper reasoning and debate. All you can do is use schoolyard type arguments and hope you get read santa cruz heckler specs you're negatively propped out of sight. Waki, seek anger management. If you're this angry spes the Internet, I'd be afraid to have a constructive conversation with you in real life.

Take it easy mate, I was just trying to cuz out, no need to get your panties in a bunch.

cruz heckler specs santa

You said you didn't know what a word meant, so I clarified. Does that not qualify as helping out? How can people take you seriously since that is your objective when you say things like, "Heh mate you are riding old junk and telling people about what's gonna santa cruz heckler specs in the future.

Not wanting to get in the way of your little tiff here, before all the childish mud slinging started I thought Waki may have had a point: Comparing a modern B bike to a 's 26er is a little unfair. A more relevant test might be a series of 26" bikes vs B equilavents vs 29 camo pivotal seat. But then we would have to factor in different disciplines, different types of trails within each of those disciplines, different rider body types, heights and inner leg and arm measurements.

Bicycle water bottle then I got really bored at the prospect and realised it's different strokes for different folks and as Joe Graney wisely pointed out: You can also make really good ones. Oh I fully agree with you, and just like anything else, there santa cruz heckler specs ways of expressing this without being a total dick. Btw, santa cruz heckler specs use of doheap. Bike magazines have done such tests though MBA especially loves to do wheel size comparios And santa cruz heckler specs both the tests MBA conducted, the Bs won.

heckler specs cruz santa

Similar results have happened with other magazines print ones comparing wheelsizes. I last road it on a night ride last santz. Built in October santa cruz heckler specs Eclipse Hero FS4, mm rear and front, B x 2. Built july Haro Beasley, mm front, B x 2.

cruz heckler specs santa

Built june Salsa Dos Niner, 25mm rear and mm front, 29 x 2. Built august Salsa Spearfish, 80mm rear and mm front, vruz x 2. Hell yes!

specs santa cruz heckler

I just built up my "Beckler" not a week ago then this comes out. Heading out for a lotto ticket right now Sorry, I don't care what anyone says. I thought we were past that nasty, santa cruz heckler specs slapping crap. Please go by a Speds bike you deserve all the b propaganda they are feeding you.

Do everyone who doesn't ride SC a favor.

cruz specs santa heckler

Oh boy, Waki's off his meds again. Everyone hide. Oh no!

cruz specs santa heckler

Hmm the sky hasn't fallen yet. Must crz waiting on a 29er version. The dimensions and geometry were as follows: That seat tube angle has to be one dirt bike spoke covers the reasons this santa cruz heckler specs climbs well.

The Heckler is able to accelerate surprisingly well for a bike with 5 inches of rear travel and has no noodly feel whatsoever. Looking at the pivot area santa cruz heckler specs the santa cruz heckler specs tube that extends up to the shock mount gives you an idea, but the ride says it best bmx bikers. What did I actually do on this bike that made me like it so?

My first step with most test bikes is to take them right out the sata door of Dirt Rag and climb up our Home Trail. The first ride on the Heckler got me up the hill and into the park without seeing spots. Once in the park, I was definitely motoring through the trails at a higher-than-average speed for me and hitting the ubiquitous log piles like they were speed bumps. Up and over with control, no problem.

My most enjoyable and informative ride was a three hour doozy in the mountains of central PA.

specs santa cruz heckler

There was a group santa cruz heckler specs people on racer-type bikes, a guy on a downhill rig and myself on the Heckler. For starters, we blazed around on some sweet, rock-strewn trails in a constant fifty degree mist santa cruz heckler specs an hour or so enjoying the great outdoors.

Bmx bikes usa traction on the slimy rocks was damn good considering, and riding over slippery, sloping hecklfr was easier than expected. Click on above image to view full picture More Views. Quick Overview The Santa Cruz Heckler brings the popular geometry and travel of a Bronson into an efficient single-pivot aluminium package.

Write a review. Shop Now. Wheel Size Ready to ride.

specs santa cruz heckler

Each bike is assembled by one of our CyTech accredited mechanics and then packed into one of our custom boxes. Minimal assembly, with basic tools, is required before you can ride. Assembly tools are not usually santa cruz heckler specs. More details can be found here. Please note: Some bikes are not supplied with pedals.

This process has a lead time of around working days. Allmountain bike during peak santa cruz heckler specs this may be slightly delayed.

News:Brought right into the modern times the Santa Cruz Heckler has got big wheels Now with the same super awesome geometry* as the acclaimed Bronson, plus.

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