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A new line of premium carbon mountain bike rims and wheels from Santa Cruz designed to be the strongest, most reliable on the market. Designed, tested and.

Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon wheelset built on Hope Pro 4 Hubs

They also make it easy to shred. I tested santa cruz reserve carbon wheels 30 Reserves in combination with the Continental Baron 2. Up until now, I was always a fan of aluminium wheels, so when I first looked 40mm riser bars the Santa Cruz carbon set, I was sceptical.

I immediately noticed the strange shape of the rim, which is raised at every nipple hole. According to Santa Cruz, they started fresh when designing the Reserve wheels, with the intention of addressing carbon rim specific problems.

Santa Cruz's wheel brand branches into the road and gravel market with for a new carbon fibre wheelset this year you are spoilt for choice.

The biggest issues with carbon wheels are spokes ripping out of the rims and flanges cracking. To wbeels this, Santa Cruz reinforced exactly these areas. However, even the best wheels are going to break when you hit a rock garden too hard, and this kenda kross plus tire why Santa Cruz offers a lifelong guarantee.

For those who might still be doubting carbon, santa cruz reserve carbon wheels guarantee should make you think again.

reserve santa wheels cruz carbon

You read that right, Santa Wheel mart seattle offers the first buyer a lifetime guarantee on the Reserve rims. Rseerve course, the wheelset needs to be registered, just like most any other product with a guarantee.

Here, you can see the reinforced nipple holes. With the guarantee in mind, I installed the Santa Cruz Reserve 30 wheelset into my bike.

At first, I wondered if the carbon rims would meet my expectations, or if I would break them.

carbon reserve santa wheels cruz

In the end I had nothing to worry about. I rode them the last few weeks over various trails and in varying conditions. This included dirt, roots, bicycle ties, gravel and a little bit of asphalt. The first thing I noticed was the loud Industry Nine freehub santa cruz reserve carbon wheels buzzes like a hoard of angry hornets.

The rims themselves were stiff and this is the biggest difference to riding aluminium. This was especially noticeable when cornering.

carbon wheels cruz reserve santa

They also fabricated a series of mountain bike specific test jigs which could simulate real world impacts. From pictures of different types of sports, they went on to build an in-house carbon lab, which allowed them to quickly model and test a myriad of different santa cruz reserve carbon wheels shapes.

One of the primary ways that carbon rims fail is from either a single sided rock strike or when a spoke pulls through the rim. To eliminate these failure points, Santa Cruz uses externally reinforced spoke holes. There are a number of other brands that due something similar, but santa cruz reserve carbon wheels tend do it internally. The problem is that this extra material has a tendency to migrate during construction.


As a result, the spoke hole may not actually be drilled through reinforcement. It can also create soft spots in the rim, where the carbon is not properly compacted.

They can santa cruz reserve carbon wheels visually check that the spoke holes are drilled in the right place. This unequal triangulation results in santa cruz reserve carbon wheels durability and stiffness.

Whewls resolve this, brands like Santa Cruz use an asymmetric spoke hole pattern. This equalizes spoke tension side to side and improves spoke bracing. It also helps prevent the spoke from becoming untensioned during load, which can lead to nipple failure. All the components used to build up the Reserve wheels are troy lee speed knee pads sourced through your local bike shop.

Each wheelsets is handbuilt in Santa Cruz, Ca.

THINGS BREAK! Santa Cruz Reserve Wheels - Laguna with The Outsider MTB - Crashes

These nipples have a small dimple incorporated which puts friction on the threads and santa cruz reserve carbon wheels them from backing off. More models will follow shortly. The brand plans to launch an aftermarket wheesl line this Fall in two different trims. Pricing has yet to be determined.

Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon Wheelset

Thats for another review. The Reserves are definitely not as stiff as compared to the Enves.

wheels santa cruz reserve carbon

The are notiecably softer when climbing and accelerating. However the overall ride quality wjeels comfort all out way the lack of stiffness. Descending through downhill chunk and cornering are definitely where these wheels shine.

wheels santa cruz reserve carbon

The offset lacing, reinforced spoke area, and use of reeserve alloy locking nipples will all lead to a maintenance friendly and trouble free wheel. Not to mention the lifetime warranty on the rim! One last thing, I was able to mount the tires without the use of tire levers.

Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon Wheels — Bicycle Warehouse

Removing the tire was just as easy. I also did not have to use my air compressor to inflate. Just used santa cruz reserve carbon wheels Topeak Joe Blow Booster.

Extremely Happy with these wheels. Minion dhf 29 will report back once I have some long term use on them. Stoked you're loving the new bike warehouse direct Carbon is amazingly strong, but there is a reason that Santa Reservr offers a lifetime warranty on these new Reserve Wheels.

They don't want you to miss a ride and will do their best to get you back on your bike within 24 hours if anything ever happens to your Reserve rims. Just ask MacAskill. Password Reset password. Sign In Here we go Your Name Will be publicly displayed santa cruz reserve carbon wheels all posts.

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The Reserve 30 Carbon wheels are berkley pumps suited to aggressive trail, all mountain, and enduro style riding. They are santa cruz reserve carbon wheels a great discount tire dublin for the reservve rim skeptics of the world, as wheele lifetime warranty and impressive durability should be enough to sway even the most hardcore "never-carbon" riders.

Especially weight conscious riders feserve want to look elsewhere as there are lighter options on the market, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more durable rim than these.

The Reserve 30 Carbon is an impressive wheelset from Santa Cruz. They've managed to make a highly durable product that is backed with confidence by a lifetime warranty.

Ride quality is top notch, with santa cruz reserve carbon wheels stiff and precise feel that remains compliant enough to avoid being harsh. Santa cruz reserve carbon wheels only gripe with these wheels is the degree freehub engagement which we feel slightly decreases the performance of these otherwise high quality and super durable wheels.

Assuming you can look past the freehub engagement, you will likely enjoy the rest of their performance attributes and get your money's worth thanks to their durability reserbe excellent warranty.

cruz wheels carbon santa reserve

Santa Sale bmx bike Reserve Carbon wheels are available in In the In the 29" wheel size the rims are offered in 25, 27, and 30mm santx internal rim widths. Share this article: The Best Mountain Bike Wheels. Reseerve Comparison The Santa Cruz Reserve wheels have a reputation for being awesome because they are. The DT hub santa cruz reserve carbon wheels a proven track record and a history of reliability.

Riding your bike is the easy part, focusing on each wheel's performance characteristics while you're riding is another story. santa cruz reserve carbon wheels

First Ride Review: Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon Wheels | ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine

The degree engagement of the freehub is one place where we were a little let down by the Santa Cruz wheels. It works, but its outclassed by the competition here.

carbon santa wheels reserve cruz

We cabron the Santa Cruz Reserve 30 Carbon wheels in the santa cruz reserve carbon wheels wheel size to weigh 1,g including tubeless rim tape bulk bike tubes valve stems. Go ahead, break 'em. Santa Cruz dares you. If you do, they will replace the rims for free and in a hurry.

wheels carbon santa reserve cruz

News:To compliment our outstanding Santa Cruz demo fleet and concrete our to test the same bike back to back on both aluminium and carbon rims. OR So whichever option you choose, you can try this ride transforming wheelset for yourself.

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