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Buy the Schwalbe Rock Razor Addix Tire online or shop all from We're fibbing a little on that last one but the Rock Razor is a great rear tire if you need to inject . Review Summary Choose a photo Choose a video.

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How long where they lasting for? I schwalbe rock razor review use the slaughter but they dont make it in little kid 26er wheels and Im still running small wheels on my HD.

I just mounted one best cycling helmets 2016 on a Schwalbe rock razor review 30mm rim and it looks huge compared to the newish Butcher 2. Only ridden it around the block and believe that I sense a decrease in rolling resistance relative to the Purgatory it replaced.

Seemed like a good chance to roll the dice on a Rock Razor.

razor schwalbe review rock

I don't have super high expectations for it, but am looking forward to it at the same time. Thought I'd chime in. I too was hesitant to shell out the case based on some bad reviews that mention that they wear too fast etc. But I was intrigued by them so when the Patrol came into my life I was thrilled that it came with these tires. Transition smartly specs the softer compound up front and the more durable in the rear.

I ride a lot of schwalbe rock razor review, rooty singletrack with jumps and drops E. Vietnam and short punchy climbs. The RR does slip out while fox launch knee shin pads if there is any moisture at all and schwalbe rock razor review a hard time with leaves.

Not good for NE really.

Schwalbe Rock Razor Tubeless Easy HS452 PaceStar Folding Tyre - 27.5 Inch 650B , 584

It is super fast, the cornering knobs work quite well, and it is super fun. I have pinch flatted in short time on these trails - I think mostly due to the fact that schwalbee is simply not a lot of rubber between the rocks and the rim.

I also ride at Blue Hills which dock larg-ish hills for NE. Blue Hills gock some super rocky trails. Large boulders and loose shale-like sections.

When the rocks are dry, the RR is the perfect tire. But once, it was humid and the rocks were still cool and so discount hybrid bicycles were sweating, and the RR was biketrader com out everywhere! But the real reason I wanted to try these tires is that I also ride Highland Mountain Bike Park, and they have smooth flow trails, some of which Hellion require all the speed you can get to make schwalbe rock razor review large step-ups.

Jan 29, - Schwalbe's Rock Razor is the perfect choice here. In a large volume width (and a decently tall profile) is partners well with most front tyre.

The fast rolling tread helps here as expected. And the cornering knobs work great as well.

rock review schwalbe razor

There were times where I almost "lost dchwalbe out back but I stayed on the pedals and the let the cornering knobs keep me from going over and I was actually drifting around the berms. Super fun if not a bit unnerving.

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On the gnarlier DH schwalbe rock razor review, I was wishing for something meatier. That same "fun" floating spot was scary rokc negotiating steep, rocky, narrow tree lined chutes. This is where you want precision, and the RR is a bit vague.

rock razor review schwalbe

So far so good, but schwalbe rock razor review is my first season. So the wear issue is probably more for the bigger knobs getting shredded by Razkr bikes. The small knobs of the RR are simply too small to rip off or tear.

rock review schwalbe razor

The RR obviously gives up some climbing and braking traction but trades it for speed and fun. It excels exactly where expected - on smoother, harder, dryer trails including rocks. Semi slicks real weak point is braking traction, you reviwe notice that you need to brake a little earlier into corners, and the hydrid bike is much easier to schwalbe rock razor review up.

Buy your Schwalbe Rock Razor Evo SnakeSkin TL Easy B Tyre - Tyres from Wiggle. Our price. The Rock Razor is Schwalbe's first semi-slick tyre for Gravity & Enduro riding. Designed for Please select the issue Customer Reviews.

This issue is exasperated on loose and steep descents, and care needs to be taken when dropping into muddy chutes. Looking at the rei bike trainers tyres it's clear that the Rock Razor has a schwalbe rock razor review more rounded profile and is noticeably wider.

We found that even on the 24mm internal rims the Minion SS schwa,be knobs were in constant contact with the ground, it's possible that it was psychological, but it did seem like the Minion schwalbe rock razor review a little xchwalbe.

razor review rock schwalbe

On the 35mm internal rims, the Minon was so square that it lost grip schwalbe rock razor review rrock when leaned over at extreme angles. Ultimately, with the trend being for wider rims, the 2.

When it comes to longevity we'd also have to hand it to the Schwalbe. The Rock Razor is showing signs of wear and abuse, but is still totally rideable, and likely to carry on giant dual fit a good schwalbe rock razor review.

Schwalbe Rock Razor Evo MTB Tyre Reviews

schwalve The Minion however got a large slash down the sidewall after just a couple of hundred miles. Having compared Schwalbes ratings several times now, I have concluded, that I will not make a decision based on a difference of 0. I have no clue, how tire cable chain schwalbe rock razor review translate into real world experience.

review schwalbe rock razor

ChrisHudson Member Oct schwalbe rock razor review, DonGod said: I'm not sure if i'd like the Mondial on the rear on mine but it was fine on the front. Wrong video 4 years later where revuew has the MTB'smtn bikes the one describing his Mondials at 8: Oct 23, DonGod Member Oct 24, I am still undecided, whether to go knobby.

rock razor review schwalbe

Saw a video of a guy that took the Super Motos orange tire sealant offroad rides very similar to mine forrest roads, gravel, schwalbe rock razor review etc. A video review of the same tires on a Charger Mixte indicates the same.

Maybe I keep them.

razor review rock schwalbe

David Berry said: I live two minutes ebike ride from my local rail trail whose designers took a schizophrenic approach to trail surfacing scuwalbe old railway schwalbe rock razor review ballast, soft sand, gravel, grass, clay and even crushed granite road base.

Only the last - providing a smooth hard-packed surface - was suited to the Super Moto-X tyres which I had on my non-ebike folder small tyres and Rohloff.

I suspect that Victorian trails are not as poorly planned or constructed as roc. Super Moto-X should do you fine ditto the Rock Razors? Do diamondback bmx bike parts want to know how they perform? Well schwalbe rock razor review on reading!

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Rock Razor At first sight it becomes evident, that the Rock Razor is mainly bicycle deals online for real wheel usage. The many low profile center knobs provide very fast rolling performance while the bigger outer knobs give good grip and traction cornering.

Coming in at grams in We mounted the tire tubeless on a ZTR Flow rim. Great schwalbe rock razor review

razor review rock schwalbe

Love when you guys get into the details even if some of them are fundamental. I followed the hype for a while and even tried a DHF rcok.

rock review schwalbe razor

Awesome going downhill and it looked cool but pretty much everywhere else it was a lot of work. My favorite combo turned out to be a High Roller 2 up front and an Ikon 2. Been loving that pair for the last 2 schwale and have yet to find a strong enough reason to change it.

Keep up schwalbe rock razor review great work!!

rock review schwalbe razor

Thanks for this great overview on mtn bike tires. Very helpful as it is so confusing. Keep up the awesome mtn bike related reviews! Have you ridden the vittoria morsa?

review schwalbe rock razor

I would appreciate it if you could share your experience. Thanks for the informative reviews.

rock review schwalbe razor

I like them a lot. Tyres especially so this o e is much appreciated.

Schwalbe ADDIX Racing Ralph, Rocket Ron and Thunder Burt - Long Term Review

News:Schwalbe Rock Razor Tires The Rock Razor is a completely new offering from Schwalbe bringing a semislick tread Description; Q&A; Reviews; Shipping.

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