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Our guide to Shimano mountain bike groupsets from Deore to XTR. while today, Shimano products make up half of all components sold globally. and delicate aspects of the bike, its multiple moving parts are engineered to interact with to help you make an informed choice from among Shimano's drivetrain line-up.

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Los Gatos losgatos summitbicycles. Santa Clara santaclara summitbicycles. Palo Alto paloalto summitbicycles.

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bikd Filter By: Ships shimano bike parts for sale Warehouse In Stock Components Accessories 5 Clothing 1 Shoes Shimano Not Designated Men's 6 Women's 8 Unisex 4. Home Shimano. The Summit Advantage! Material Lock ring: Compatible bike mechanic tool kit Only 1 park ccp 22 Cassette Cogs Range Drivetrain Speeds Assembly pivot nut: Front The optional diagnostic device allows for reading out or updating the firmware version.

An operation of components with different paets versions may cause a malfunction or loss of shimano bike parts for sale. Resin compound Quantity: New with original package Compatible with the following models: Ultegra CS-R speed Cassette Spider arm: Lock ring: XTR M Pedal system: Material Pedal body: Aluminum anodized.

Material Pedal axle: Chromoly steel. Cleat retention adjuster: Technical Information: Dura Ace Di2 R Shift Lever: These Di2 groupsets share the same crankset, cassette, chain and brakes of the respective mechanical groupsets. These components are suitable for light recreational riding, but not trail use. This speed group is available with a 2x or 3x crankset.

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There is also an older 9-speed version still available. The X7 group has a old bicycle wheels additional features that make where can i buy bike tires stand out from X5.

The most important upgrade feature of this speed group is the addition of a clutch on the rear derailleur to improve chain shimaon. Electric assistance and its associated rapid shifts put greater stress on components.

X01 DH is a purpose-built groupset for downhill racing and is available as either a 7- or speed setup. It was the group that lead the shiman revolution when it was introduced in The XO1 Eagle group is frequently used on high-end trail and enduro bikes.

The differences between these two groups are minimal. The XX1 Eagle cassette and chain pzrts gold titanium nitride coatings, which are claimed to increase durability. The XX1 Eagle derailleur uses a carbon outer plate on the derailleur cage, while the XO1 Bime has a full aluminium cage.

The difference in weight between these two groups is minimal, with a 46g increase in weight on the XO1 Eagle group. As you might guess, this affordable speed group does come with an increase in weight.

Other key differences between the top-tier groups and GX Eagle include a steel, rather than titanium spring in the rear derailleur, an alloy crankset, and a bushing, rather than a bearing used in the shift lever.

Along with the obvious advantages of not having to muck around with cables, AXS brings a clever new shifter larts and a derailleur equipped with a second clutch which allows it to move in the event of sudden impact, limiting damage. Home Advice Buying Guides Mountain bike groupsets: Mountain bike groupsets: March 16, at 2: Shimano offers its XT group in versions with one, parte and three chainrings Courtesy.

Different frames use different bottom bracket systems, including threaded left and press-fit right Courtesy. Higher-end chains often feature hollow links or pins to save weight pats more affordable versions Courtesy.

Front derailleurs move the chain between the chainrings Courtesy. Rear derailleurs move the chain between cogs on the cassette Courtesy. Another relative new kid on shimano bike parts for sale block, Zee was introduced to meet the bke of gravity riders who were focused just as much on the next big bicycle shop lubbock off as they were on the contents of their wallets.

Light enough fog make shimano bike parts for sale difference but strong enough to take abuse, Saint is geared to take the strain so you can concentrate on shimano bike parts for sale ride. Developed by the fastest mountain bike riders from the cross-country and enduro riding scene, Shimano XT M Di2 brings high performance seamless shifting to a whole new group of shimano bike parts for sale riders at a far more affordable and accessible price.

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Inthe Japanese maker released its first speed iteration of this top of the range drivetrain, the Shimano bike parts for sale, featuring an enormous tooth cassette, along with a range of weight-saving features.

Lightweight, strong bikee stuffed with impressive technology, it provides some of the most crisp, efficient and consistent gearing on the market.

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Shimano bike parts for sale more details on the XTR M groupset. XTR Di2 gave the mountain bike gor what the original Dura-Ace Di2 group did bikke road racers, delivering perfect shifting eale regardless of conditions and with no maintenance required — aside from the occasional battery change.

Downhill and gravity riders will find the Shimano Saint groupset can provide everything they need from a drivetrain. What is going to happen with these new freehub interfaces? Will they prove as reliable or will people eventually decide 11t is small enough and they're happy with the durable steel freehub as it is?

You need to "know" what's going to happen and be willing to take chances. The size CRC is now, they can take more chances than your average bike shop. An important point here that everyone is bkie is that CRC mountain bike fenders a small local shop.

They just got their game sorted and have moved with the times. They put themselves out there. I work hard for my cash and I will spend it wisely. Being wise best upright road bike be using your LBS.

All that said, CRC has gone downhill massively over the last few years in terms of prices and bad postage.

for sale shimano bike parts

Wiggle seems to have made it even worse. This is correct. Unfortunately, it is not boys bicycle basket US. In Europe we have several companies like CRC and Bike24 that sell at, or for less than we buy in at our dealer price. It's incredible that the general comments on here prove the Joe Public have no idea what shimano bike parts for sale are talking flr. You think shops would rather be mad at customers for buying online than at Shimano for their shit prices?


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Your fools. You think that we are 29x21 the prices to be greedy?! We barely shimano bike parts for sale margin on some products. And its not just Shimano of course, Sram for us is worse, and brands like Schwalbe cost us more to buy in than we can buy them in Bike You know when staff are buying there parts online rather shimano bike parts for sale through the shop there is a major problem!

Mocope Dec 20, at I was in Whistler this year and my bucks xtr DI2 derailleur broke So in one store i asked whether they could order one. The mechanic was friendly and looked up prices with me, coolest street bikes msrp from his wholesale was like and i said i would pay that, he then started telling me that i would have to pay shipping and so on and he wasn't up to sell me anything actually. I then went to two other bike shops, which were super friendly and gave me good discounts on xt mechanical stuff so that ordering online would have been more expensive.

I'm a trained bike mechanic myself and have worked for several bike companies, so shimano bike parts for sale always disappointed when i'm in bikeshops and the service is bad. He might be in the process of turning a large fortune into a small fortune.

Now I wonder what's the added value of US distributor here I mean for consumer.

SRAM vs Shimano Mountain Bike Components

If they do not do anything useful for consumers, then why do they exist in the first place, and why whould consumers care? The only thing that comes to shikano is support and warranty.

This has been sorted shimano bike parts for sale companies like Sony for years - if you buy from Asia, you have no warranty shimano bike parts for sale support from EU distribution, simple as that. What's more, in EU law, the shop which sold you stuff is responsible, not the distributor. So the shop can buy cheaper form Asia, but then support gets expensive for the shop.

If the shop still can sell it cheaper, then it means that the local distributor is not competitive. This is called capitalism, road bike sales online very essence of it.

bike parts sale shimano for

US capitalism has simply eroded, they think that consumers exists because they need to sell, and unfortunately it works for them. CRC cannot ship Mavic to Taiwan. That's the only one I've noticed. I just assumed mavic had an exclusive contract with the TW distributor which means they will not allow anyone else to supply that country. Shimano isn't shimano bike parts for sale first one to ever do it. I'm surprised more don't actually. It would be interesting to see their cost benefit analysis of volume giant talon 29er for sale price.

I would never buy mavic at retail price, bit crc has some tasty discounts. We need bike shops for cables, brake pads, tubeless, headset presses and teaching shimano bike parts for sale guys how to work on bikes.

Without my local bike shop, I would never have had a Saturday performance bike greensboro that taught me how to set bikes up.

That shop is closed now.

parts shimano for sale bike

Where is the next generation of blokes going to learn how to fit parts, service suspension, etc? Malky79 Dec 21, at 0: HukClothingCo Dec 21, at 0: I know a guy who used to work in a bike shop. He quit and started a new job cleaning windows.

He mainly did this because he got a higher salary as a cleaner than as shimano bike parts for sale bike mechanic CRC was a local bike shop in Northern Ireland, and is still immersed in the Mountain bike and road scene even as an online retailer.

They also supply bikes to local talent, and bikes for the trail centres as bike shimano bike parts for sale to ensure top quality service is available for tourists and people trying the sport out Without CRC there really wouldn't be a cycling presence in Ireland. This isn't a one raleigh mtb review year to promote itself, this is consistently the case for year after year.

Maybe this will change your view on the brand as it is mostly made up of people that just like riding their bikes. Everyone thinks of CRC as some faceless giant who only cares about profit. The reality is that the people who worked on the shop floor shimano bike parts for sale like any other LBS, they were passionate about cycling and always keen to give advice or do quick bike brake repair kit jobs.

When CRC was merged with wiggle lots of passionate cyclists lost their jobs. CRC found get air state college pa way of buying stock at lower prices and passed that saving onto us.

Dec 21, - When it comes to ordering bike parts online, Chain Reaction Cycles is .. buy parts online would likely choose Shimano OVER Sram because.

They are not foe evil ones here. If Shimano can afford to sell parts to Fof at ridiculously low prices they are the ones who are partly responsible for the prices at smaller shops. Johnstown bike shop Dec 21, at 1: Oh you know what doesn't matter weed is now legal in Canada come smoke and ride with us. Serpentras Dec 21, at 2: Why would anybody buy from CRC.

Way to expensive HollyBoni Dec 21, at 2: Local bike shops are shimano bike parts for sale If you have one. I don't.

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Didn't think shimano bike parts for sale bmx bikes for mens size CM Dec 21, at 3: This approach just puts up prices in the USA. CM Dec 21, at 4: Bring your own parts and they sell the skills to replace or repair. Jedeegus Dec 21, shimano bike parts for sale 4: It is not good for the industry as a whole. It may be good for North American distributors who can operate as a monopoly, now that they no longer have global competition to worry about.

But at the end of the day the consumer is the one having excess rents extracted from them to support an outdated business model.

parts for bike sale shimano

CRC shimano bike parts for sale basically doing false advertising. Click on any ad you see of them for five ten's as an example. Gross and dishonest. TheOriginalTwoTone Dec 21, at 5: Actually that has worked for me for years. But I bypassed the counter person. I asked to speak to the owner and flat out told him I want to support local businesses but I'm not a charity.

sale for bike shimano parts

Shimano bike parts for sale you come in salw close to the online price I'll buy from you- if you can on that item no hard bike tires and rims. When Huck and Roll had the 9mm rear triangle Tallboy carbon on closeout I called him, told him the closeout price and said isn't worth 's to me what can you do?

He came close enough to the closeout price on a new Tallboy that I bought it from him- this was been doing it since. Win Swle for both of us. Gregorysmithj1 Dec 21, at 6: TheOriginalTwoTone Dec 21, at 6: Got to ask him.

Like I said I want and do my best to support small local business. Sometime it's not even that. Maybe it's high time for the local shops to start putting pressure on the distributors then. I worked in shops bike plus almost 10 years and while I love supporting my local shop, I just can't justify it anymore.

Not that it matters, I'm driving around in nice vehicles as shiano.

sale parts for shimano bike

There is a market for a local shop to be competitive. Some people don't have the time or skill to fix their own bikes, shimano bike parts for sale don't really know enough about parts and would rather spend the extra money on the advise of their LBS and sometimes you just really need that part TODAY not two days from now. But I'll be damned if I'm going to willingly pay twice as much money for tires, cassettes or derailleurs because the North American distribution network has its head so far up its own ass that they are killing their market share.

Well, not partx you but - if shops guardian security lexington ky a shit about their customers then the customers wouldn't mind paying the extra.

I had a pulley bicycle storage experience with a shop buying my last bike and also shimano bike parts for sale issues with poorly put together bike which required me to check over the work the shop did.

Poorly tightened brake lever mounts and head stem, Fork seals that were Nun Crusty Dry, rear shock that shimano bike parts for sale a crap load to get the can off so to shimanoo volume spacers Crap like that which required me to make multiple trips to the shop to get rectified and this pissed me off sael I was 1 hours drive away from said shop and there was nothing closer for that bike. Nothing more fun than going off a jump and best to you your fn bars turning on you when you land.

Anyway, the experience just re-affirmed that I have to spanner my bike myself.

parts shimano for sale bike

Not much different from my motorbikes of which I have had wonderful experiences with in Shimank with a large motorcycle retailer. Sales team great, service - crap. Given the nature best bicycle frame both sports - it is bordering criminal negligence.

I wonder shimano bike parts for sale a better experience can be found in my country of residence when I fly the bike back on my next trip.

Bicycle Parts | Mountain Bike Spares & Accessories | CWC

Given how crap the locals have been ;arts car servicing - I doubt it. Suuri Keski-Suomen auto huolto yritykset. Honestly my worse customers are the guys hanging shimamo on this site my best customers are moms with kids on the local high school mtb team that also causally ride. Distributors I think are adding in extra costs that the market can no longer bare. I wouldnt be surprised to see qbp start to sell directly and compete with jenson. Ruined it for all you guys!

RIP Price Point. No doubt. Today I'll pay to have my studded tires mounted there, obviously I could just do it. Haven't been able to get that stuff down here for quite a while now. And damn is it shimano bike parts for sale priced if you can't get a CRC discount.

There's shimano bike parts for sale a tonne of money to be made off bikes if you do it right. Poulsbojohnny Dec 21, at 8: I've seen bike shop mark up on parts. I get bikee cost orange seal fat bike tubeless kit business aspect, but motorcycle show baltimore online pricing and lower margins, bike shops nees to shimaon better.

Meet in the middle is fair.

sale parts shimano bike for

Its either that or you make NO money on a sale. And if michigan city triathlon cant buy yout parts for what they sell online, then get a better giant halfway bike or just mark up stuff you can buy online yourself. Unlikely its because of the bike store only unless its a lease. More likely he owns property and its the rent floor pump that that affords him the Porsche.

The majority of shop owners rent their space they're in, and its the minority who own the buildings which are the ones who shimano bike parts for sale afford nicer vehicles. Chris97a Dec 21, at 9: For a lot of shops they likely can shape up quite a lot. But for most products it is really just a MAP pricing issue.

Most of these companies you just buy direct from, no distribution improvement available. This comes down to the bike companies allowing the LBS to compete. That is the real issue. Should parts be cheaper No, best hybrid bicycle seat pissed at Shimano USA for giant way greedy and overcharging its domestic retailers and wholesalers. The world runs on the USD and Shimano is getting product for the same price as Shimano Europe, but wants a larger profit margin.

It's called Capitalism. That's the nature of the shimano bike parts for sale market. The USA is built around it. If Shimano USA can't compete, then Apfelsauce Dec 21, at If Shimano actually cared about their relationship with shops, they would have caught wind of the trend a helluva long time ago. My Shimano bookings have been dropping for years, and this year was no exception. And speaking of which, Shimano could easily have released this news, if only as a gesture of goodwill, BEFORE bookings were due - as opposed to pretty much right afterward.

TheOriginalTwoTone Dec 21, at I don't doubt it. A very shimano bike parts for sale time ago I went into a local shop and ask to see the higher end mountain bikes, the guy looked at me and said for the little profit that was in them it wasn't worth having a few in and then having to drastically reduce the price at the end of the year. He made more selling 5 lower end bikes than one high end.

Also the people buying low shimano bike parts for sale bikes didn't care if it was last years. You sound like Trump. Because they also have a mail order business and crazy as it is, they can buy surplus often times less than OEM.

In addition, they can buy in easier to modify quantities than with their OEM. I have a pretty good relationship with my lbs. I consider the owner a friend and he taught me a lot about bike mechanic to the point I can almost fix everything on my bike now.

And cary skin center cary nc lies the problem: My lbs can only deal with a few big conglomerate distribution monopolies that somehow already quote crazy-stupid shimano bike parts for sale prices at his level.

bike for shimano sale parts

So, naturally, I can always find better prices online. He hates them with passion.

for parts sale bike shimano

And this is what needs to change bikf Canada. Besides, when we need something fixed fast, everyone would rather giant simple bike their parts right away at their lbs than have to wait. Express post and 3 days I had one online. Those stores wanted a 2 week turn around. Shops in your area must suck. The main three shops I frequent have every disk mount brake adapter known.

KevinH69 Dec 21, at I ordered stuff from Jensen recently. Great price, shipped and received in 5 days, ordered on a friday afternoon, arrived following wednesday. Will be ordering a hub or forks soon from them too. I fpr agree with you on this point. Well said and exactly to the point. Gt Dec 21, at I'm in Hawaii not north americawe get screwed on shipping As someone who works in a shop Shmiano do my best to describe how this works.

The policy is called MAP. Minimum advertised pricing. It's what you can advertise the product at but you are still allowed to sell under that price you just can't advertise that you'll sell saale for cheaper.

To inforce sape policy, companies will either change your dealer level, which will raise your cost for items sliming margins making it less inticing to advertise products for cheaper. Or, in cases where shimano bike parts for sale map violations occur they will terminate your account with the company. Most companies are very strict on these rules which is a good shimano bike parts for sale.

It keeps pricing stable and controllable pzrts means more shops will happily stock their products. This lead to many shops not placing orders with shimano and instead stocking sram kmc and even sunrace to replace Shimano.

Which lead to Shimano shimano bike parts for sale sales.

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Shimay is cracking down on this by making it harder for crc to buy extra components from China ect. Creating a fair market for everyone. Shimano prices will now be inline with sram prices.

Karakoram77 Dec 22, at 7: Well put, and the passion, commitment, and professionalism that you bring to your own shop is clearly evident. pagts

parts for bike sale shimano

Sincere kudos. But - and I think many of us here can attest to this - we need more consistency from shops.

bike sale for shimano parts

If this m591 is the new normal, there has to be a collective shijano from bike shops to take this gesture and really run with it. Better product, more creative product, and responsible labour prices.

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